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Monday, April 19, 2010

Skirt Redux

Well Pu BARELY fit into the original model.
I could get it on, then it was great but the getting part was tricky.
Pu is not one to suffer fools gladly so this is version 2.

It fits!!

And totally works when you're spinning with a ribbon.
I added ric rac to hide my Franken-hem.
I'm going to try and recreate and expand the other version.
Who DOESN'T need two black skirts?

I also crossed a threshold today.
I am a bit of a thrifting virgin.
Never a garage sale gal either.
But the idea of recreating from old really opens windows in my soul.
Today I found these green linen napkins and lace handkerchiefs neither of which I need or want

But ...
who can't find a use for a treasure bag?

Surely this would look better ironed in good light.

Well then maybe Shirley should come over to my house and get busy!

(busting a gut here people)

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