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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quick Uncrafty Howdy Catch Up

Remember Me?
I remember you!

It's been busy over here in the Little World.

They have been getting bigger.

We had a 3 year old
rainbow birthday party:

And then someone else turned:

She wanted a big girl tea party,
without kids!

Fun times were had!
Not only did 5 bring birthdays,
but also Kindergarten.

5 carries a lot these days.
 the biggest girl
we took on a big girl surfing trip.

Her super fun 'fake aunty'
has been verbally bludgeoning us
since 2 seconds after Pu's birth with:
" 'bout now, how 'bout now...
is she still too young to surf?!"
Clearly the answer was not any more!

She got up first try and was
proud and pleased.
Pu is sure the sky is always falling,
so to see her surf into confidence,

There were beach s'mores,
and comets to be seen.

It rocked.
(Thanks Sio)
Now, if only
I could get all these kids into school
I will have 2.5 hours x2/ week
 of new creating time!

Oh happy day!

Hope you too have been falling
into the leaves.



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boo Who?

You know those days?
Those days that first world problems
get ya down?
You know when the microwave breaks,
the faucet breaks,
your stove will not produce coffee
& your house is teeming with fruit flies,
(despite the traps you've set)?
You know when 2 of your 3 kids should be in school
but there's a school strike
so you bring the teachers cookies
to support them,
but then various children
You know how then it's
gradual entry for the 3rd child
as she starts preschool for the first time,
so you need to be with her for an hour,
but not with the other kids for an hour,
and you don't have child care?
And as a side bar,
 she is on page 359 of her dissertation:
Why potty training is an abomination
Then you realize you're going camping tomorrow,
but you haven't slept in a week
because your middle child
is awake all the time?
And then you
Those days are not my favorite.
The good news is
yesterday was nothing like today!
 Yesterday everyone was farting unicorns.
And we made this:
I surrender today.
I'm hoping for camping fairies to load the car,
and tomorrow is definitely going to be a new day.
At least I don't have a wedgie.