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Friday, November 23, 2012

My High Fashion Muse

In my high cache & exciting life
of blogging for the stars,
I find myself in a daily head to head
with narcissistic Prima Dona fashion models.
You know the type.
All "me, me, me".
"Does this hat make me look fat?!?"

"Is my fur shining in this light?"

Where is my Cab-Sav and my Dexatrim?

I stick with it, because a real model
is more of a muse than a hat rack.


The way they can capture nuance in a simple gaze.
 The way Fran here goes dead inside
and lets the fashion ask the tough questions:
Why IS the wrist cuff on a rock?
Profound stuff here people.
That thousand yard stare...

And now there are BEADS!
What does it mean man?

Here it's all coy coquette.

And here the subject provokes...
"am I in the bowl or out"
Are you?
Very Keseyian: Are you on or off the bus?

These are the big questions.
(And these are the small, mostly crooked, stitches for Futchie
who was having a Coco Chanel lust fest.)

Monday, November 19, 2012

I made another one of these

this time for me.

It's large and simple and accented with history.

The top pocket scallop is from one of my childhood pillowcases.
It lived at one of my favorite places in the world.

 It nestled in the shack we grew up in each summer
euphemistically called 'the cottage'.

Let's be clear, shack it was,
but it had loads of beds
 and loads of cousins came and went.

 there was water and sand and summer.
Nothing better.

Sweet sweet summer.

This loop

(to tuck a dishtowel into) is
reclaimed from hand embroidered tea napkins
that a great great aunt detailed.

Now that I've knit a stitch or two I have
a reverence for the patience and artistry required to
make something like this.

I get tired looking at all those tiny stitches!

At least now
as I build my family and hope to carve out my own
favorite places and times

I will do so carrying a swatch of my historical favorite place,
and a loop from an ancestral stitcher with me.

Maybe that will bring me solace
 as I burn more rice.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost Top

I made a little top which I'm pleased about.
It's stretchy and wool.
Warm and comfy.
It's a little too low in the armpit area,
and then I shrunk it,
as is my tradition...
but it's passable
 and liberating to make something that fits (ish)
Next round, it might actually fit.
My photographer was 5.
And, a little off centre
(in a few different ways :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Scares

Halloween was less nuts this year.
It was all reuse it baby!
I don't believe in making Halloween costumes
if there is a cheap and cheerful option in hand
(because you wear it only once a year)
I love it when others do.

Happily, this year the shorties all wanted to
recycle bought costumes from last year.
It helps they don't really remember last year :)

And we pulled out some quick ones from the Tickle trunk too.
Dodged that crafty bullet!!
Must go weave a basket
from empty candy wrappers.
Must go empty candy into own face
as active of creative altruism first.
Hope you had a good fright!