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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Some of my favorite people breezed
into town last week.
Some of them were little.

And they hung around.

Some of them were bigger
and made me smile.

I won't lie.
There was ice cream involved.

On more than one occasion.
I mean,
shouldn't summer have too much ice cream?

And bubbles:

Both the alcoholic and kid friendly type?



(O sporting her me made shirt)

That's the main point of kid-ness.

Let's have fun people!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Day Dress Success

It happened again,
as I knew it would.
Another kick at Dana's First Day Dress
I love this dress!

I love the reversible factor too.

This time I sewed up a size 7
for my almost 5 year old.

And I made the opening in the back larger,
so no murderous screaming when we
do a wardrobe change.

A solid success!

And still so full of twirl. 

A happy shortie,
makes for a happy moi.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I've been waiting for this twirly dress for a while.
The awesome Dana put out her First Day dress
last week.
This very serious tiger got my first try.
I loooove the look of this pattern!
And if you come here often,
you know I'm a sucker for reversible.
I sewed up a size 6 and would go bigger
next time.
For the first time ever I actually
measured my kids...

they both were sure
I was murdering them when I
tried to take the dress off.

Perhaps stretchy knit for Pu's.
She requested the peplum top version. 

The cuteness slays me.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Pull your pants up Cousins.

We have some cousins.
when I started this sewing gig
I thought I should make everybody something.

And I did,
except two of them.

So I asked the mom of one of the shorties
for her measurements.

But time ticked on.
So I asked again.
And again.
Because these cousins keep growing.

And then in one message
my sweet cousin sent measurements
for both her kids.
I think I said something like...
send me their measurements!!
So she did.

And then time moved on.
By the time I finally made two pairs
of pants and mailed them off to the cousins...
I forgot, that one of the shorties who
is stitch free from me

belongs to another branch of the cousins.

I think this means I have to
start sewing something for everyone

all over again!!!

Not that the shorties, would know,
or even care.

But I do have an internal metronome
for justice in the few instances
 it can be doled out

So, sew!

Back to the drawing board for the cousin-fest!

In the meantime
2 pairs of Rae's Parsley Pants
in the mail