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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Spruce Up

More stuff heading to the show
and then likely into my etsy shop.

It's been sad and empty for a looooong time.

I may actually try and spruce up this joint.

I have a new logo in my head.
I think I shall hand it over to a pro and see
what they can make for me.

I've also changed my domain name to
But, don't worry (panic subsiding)
you can still find me here.

The dolls are finished (almost).

The sleeping bags are tucked.

Now on to some clothes.

I think I'll see what I can pull off in the
next week and a half.

Do come visit if you're looking for crafty fun.

Later skater.


Loves Little Labours

These are the new chicks for
If you are thinking they look a little deflated,

you're not wrong.

Two steps away from completion.

Stuff, then hand stitch the opening.

I heart these Little's deeply.

For those of you who haven't made
stuffed humans or otherwise,

it's an undertaking.

Cutting out each individual pattern piece.
Choosing each material and cutting it out.
Doing it all over again with interfacing.
Sewing all the little parts
onto the other little parts
Hand embroidering the faces & details.
Triple stitching all the seems.
Stuffing all the appendages and sewing them in place.

Un picking all the appendages and doing them again.
Turning them right side out.
Stuffing the heads and bodies.
Hand stitching them closed.

I hope some kid loves these labours of love,
as much as I do.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Flag me down.




I made some.

One for kids.

One for Hipsters.

One for the funky commuter.
That's everybody,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We went to Hawaii.
And it was ...
totally wonderful.
Pu and Yu were terrified of the ocean.
Nu, true to form was terrified of nothing.

In fact,
 she wept inconsolably each day
when we had to leave any water.
Possible fish-girl
(must remember to check for gills)
It was still travel with three small children,
so to use the phrase "family holiday"
would be oxymoronic hilarity.

But it was warm, and we were together
 for 10 days.
So really, it was bliss.

There was 5am whale watching with the littlest.

And toddler body surfing amidst squeals of high pitched
shrieking that made my ears bleed...
but my grin spread.

Over the days this look of
fierce suspicion

and Nu decided the sand was not her enemy.
There were poetic, contented moments where sisters played.
Caught crabs (the good kind),
followed fish,
built and knocked down
 sand castles.
There were also some hillarious breaches of protocol.

This was the crime scene shot taken after a "naptime".
The 3 year old quietly and systematically
pitched all our belongings
out the window of her bedroom
several floors up. 
Knickers in the palm trees.
That's how we roll.

Big snaps to The Sweetie who said "Yes".
On the sewing front...
my sewing room floor looks the den
of a doll serial killer.
Rest assured I am assembling these girls,
NOT dismembering them.
I think I'll try and keep the Littles out.
This is the stuff
that childhood nightmares are made of.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We were away,
and now we're back.
I broke our camera while away.
So more snaps soon.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Bonnet Factory

I'm sewing away for my first crat fair.

A few summers ago
people regularily stopped me in the playground

and asked me about the bonnets

the shorties were sporting.

Maybe I'll get lucky and sell a few.
(made from Rae's pattern)

Still, this will have to be for fun

rather than moola

I can't figure out how anyone can make a living

hand sewing these days.

Things are so inexpensive with globalization
mass production, factories and sweat shops.

This will definitely need to be for joy.
Well, who doesn't want a little joy?
I do, I do.
Yes please!