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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aloha Encore

Also this great thing happened to our family.
A holiday. A warm holiday together. 

The kind where monkeys all swam every day.

There were flowers everywhere, but mostly...

in hair.

There was beach time 

And sunset rituals.

 contemplative moments for reflection


And a great deal of silliness

There were turtles and sea lions and seals too!


But the best part was chilling with these guys 

This one started exhaling and forgot work existed. 

These three delightedly stalked the neighbourhood feral cats!? 

Our oldest Pu, is obsessed with a book series called:
Cat Warriors (ten exclamation marks)

The weird wild wonderful cats supplied full time entertainment.
Despite the fact we HAVE a cat here at home,
we clocked serious time in this field watching the feral ones. 

Who knew that was a thing?

We saw our first bamboo forest: amazing, musical, magical.

And found a super solid breakfast greasy spoon that had milkshakes.

Wishing you stillness and calm in the face of zoom.
With summer on its way -more sand in our toes,
more wind up our nose, more joy in the flow. 

See you soon.