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Friday, June 27, 2014

Matching monkeys

I made another CINO top,
this time for Nu, the middle one.
She is the love machine in our family.
Her hugs are so potent,
they knock people over.
So the love often ends in tears.
But the love point gets through too.

These little ruffle details kill me! 

As do these moments when a couple of sisters
are getting along.
In hilarious hysterics,
speaking their own co-created language.

Total monkeys.
Hopefully they start together on these bars.

And stick together at the big girl bars
later in life.
Nothing better than hanging
around with your people.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guess who moved in now?
At our old place we had a fairy door
in our favorite tree.
That tree got a work out.
Fairy door,

But sadly, we don't have a tree in front.

So until we plant one that would house
a whole fairy commune,
we set up a place for a group to keep house.

we built a bench.
Saw it on pinterest and went for it.

Now, whether to add a cushion?

As is, it's a good play structure.
Hope the city
 doesn't make us dismantle the glee.

Hope you spend the day jumping
off the edges,
into the fun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Flutter Time

The end of school is soon upon us.
And, I can't wait.
I always feel this way by the end of the year.
(Who am I kidding,
my oldest is only in grade 1,
I've only done this once before?!)
Last year after the honeymoon phase,
the walls started to close in and the
kids began to howl: Bored!!
I'm hoping to dance around that this year.
I think bored is awesome.
I think bored is an opportunity
to get creative.
Are you picking up
what I'm putting down?
Right now I'm looking forward to slower mornings.
And more free play times.
 I have fallen in love with CINO's
And I can't
stop making it.
We headed into the woods this weekend,
as we often do...
...and found all the best things.
Fields of flowers,
stump castles,
and best of all,
salmon berries.

I love the little flutter sleeves on this top.
They help with chasing butterflies in meadows.

And provide lift for reaching those
hard to reach berries. 

Apparently I have a thing for that
flower pattern.
Unintentional top and bottom reflections.

Now off to reflect on summer prep.
I better load up on bubble juice
and batten down the emotional hatches.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Freaky Rainbow Readers

The 3 Little's have been having lots
of fun with our new
Little Free Library.

I made a new sign for it to really
bang the drum.

It's been a pretty fun anthropological
study watching people try and make sense
of it for the first time.

People walk around it,
double take,
sneak looks over their shoulders,
give it a wide berth,
and use it.

And I think with all the happy
rainbow happening all over it
it may give off a decidedly LGBTQ vibe.

Which is great!
whoot whoot!

Our neighbourhood could be accused
of being a little square.
We are definitely the weirdo's in the hood.

While I wish for more weirdos to play with,
if we're out playing
  and flying our happy flags.
maybe we'll meet some kindred spirits.

As the awesome poet Michael Franti says

"All the freaky people 
make the beauty
of the world".

Already the library has been a fun way
to meet new people in the new hood.

Bring on the freaky ones :)