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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cozy Toes

This is where it began.

Those feet.
Baby feet.

Not stinky.
Not hairy, or gnarley.

Just little, and innocent.
(except when kicking mother's organs)

And verry wiggly.
So wiggly that they wiggle out of all shoes/ booties etc.

They make for excellent play things.

Always there when you need them.
Sweet. Feet!!

But also cold when footware is abandoned.
And so!

I give you the loooong pants.

Socks need not apply.

Great for working on that classic-
the roll.

Available with a dash of fru-fru.

Thanks mom :)

"Hey Lady: Don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person.
It was weird before you had kids,
 and you heard other breeders do it,
and it's still weird."

And now back to the voices in your own head.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wee Knits

I broke all my sensible rules.

A bit naughty. Fool-hearty, really.

Rule 1:  Don't make Yu any wee knitables:

She'll get all the hand-me-downs &
She'll grow out of them in two seconds!!!

Rule 2: Whatever you do,
don't make anything in light colours!
(It will be covered in goo immediately)

I'm a bad ass rule breaker :)

 Any excuse to cover buttons.

I love this word fabric, although I think
it's a bit premature to work on Yu's vocabulary.

A little lace trim around the neck.

She's not very impressed.
I'm getting: Disgruntled, and slightly tortured.

As a mother of three girls,
I better get used to under impressing :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Very little wit, with the knit.

In the absence of solo time
to hit the sewing room,

I am back at this.

(If you do not have small children
 stop reading now)

(I said NOW, for your own sake)

Because a blog is the place for
inappropriate over sharing...

Yesterday the sweetie was out so I had 3 kids solo for bedtime.

Yu had just completed a neck poo
IN her jolly jumper and I was wrestling her on the change table.
Ducking, and inhaling only through one nostril
(really people, up to the neck...such horrors)
when out of the corner of my eye I see Nu
triumph over her poo diaper and swing it over her head.

All to the sound of breaking dishes

And thus I wonder if I'll ever sew anything again.

Besides my own straight jacket.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Chocolate Holiday

I've never been one to go goo-goo for Valentine's Day.

these days with 3 preschool kids in the house
Any chance to go on a date is

You may
(or more likely may not)
have noticed a serious lack
 of craftiness over here.
I am in the bottom of a sleepy valley.

The kind of sleepy valley where you are woken every 20 minutes.
So easy is what I need.

(Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?)
(Non sequitur)

So, what could be easier to make?

This is likely to be a big hit for the girlie girl.
Who is tragically deprived of a sea of pink.

The heart headband.

Hearts, pink, and an accessory?

Why it also has the power to hypnotize
(just not at night)

Someone may pee themselves with happiness.

For clarity's sake,
that person will not be me.
More likely the 5 year old.

I feel almost sure.

Hey what's that cute baby doing there?!!
Oh right, keeping me awake.

Cheeky Monkey!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bang bang baby

My baby likes to rock.

She also likes to roll.

But mostly,
she likes to be carried around.

There's a lot to see out there,
after all.

Every once in a while I need to put that baby down.
(bad, no I mean literally)

The spine needs to unfurl.

So I made her a little station,
with this great tutorial from the Paisley Cupcake.

The kind to hang toys from.
The kind that has a little surprise door with ribbons.

The kind where she can kick
and rock and work on the roll.

And go bang, bang and bat bat
while my kidneys say small prayers for their reprieve.