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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Chocolate Holiday

I've never been one to go goo-goo for Valentine's Day.

these days with 3 preschool kids in the house
Any chance to go on a date is

You may
(or more likely may not)
have noticed a serious lack
 of craftiness over here.
I am in the bottom of a sleepy valley.

The kind of sleepy valley where you are woken every 20 minutes.
So easy is what I need.

(Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?)
(Non sequitur)

So, what could be easier to make?

This is likely to be a big hit for the girlie girl.
Who is tragically deprived of a sea of pink.

The heart headband.

Hearts, pink, and an accessory?

Why it also has the power to hypnotize
(just not at night)

Someone may pee themselves with happiness.

For clarity's sake,
that person will not be me.
More likely the 5 year old.

I feel almost sure.

Hey what's that cute baby doing there?!!
Oh right, keeping me awake.

Cheeky Monkey!!!