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Friday, March 25, 2011

My eyes! These glasses, they do nothing...

It may be a little hopeful...
but today I fashioned a little sun screen

I made these last year
but because I used burlap and lace
they didn't hold up in the sun.
This is laminated linen.
Good luck against the elements little fabric!

Our view here is fettered by electrical wires.
 Boo. Wish it was trees.

When we eat our dinners outside,
one of the shorties is always screeching about the sun in their eyes.

This way we can eat without squinting
and look at pretty fabric while we pick food out of our hair.

This is a totally unrelated action shot of the
ric rac skirt:

Just an average day for a dirt bath at the playground.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I made a little bag holder for those prolific
and evil plastic bags.

We try to avoid them, but they sneak in.

I had made a boring one to fit under our sink.

But "under our sink" is
working overtime & there wasn't
enough real estate for bags & compost.

This way I get to glimpse some of my favorite

Quick Cheat Decorating

A quick and easy way to decorate a stale corner
on the cheap.

And to showcase some favorite materials.

Excuse the terrible yellow lighting.
It's the basement.
A quick and dirty "photo shoot" before
all the Littles are roaming.

You get the idea.

I think I got the idea from mayamade but I can't remember when.

Head Wound Harry

I hope this is the most ridiculous post I ever write.

I've moved into crazy town here,
I know.
We've started to refer to Nu
As Head-Wound Harry.

All she wants to do it fall on her brain.
Hard. Repeatedly.

And so...
Oh man this is embarrassing...

She had a super cute hat that got lost for a few days.
We found it rescued and hanging in a tree.
Only, clearly it had become a dog's chew toy.
It was mangled and although I restitched it.
It was always lopsided.

Still it had a chin strap so it went into backup
hat circulation.
Well this time I modified it into essentially
a soft helmet.
I packed the front with quilt batting and fleece.

See those books?

At the rate she was going
reading was going to be out of the question.

We joked about wrapping her in bubble wrap.
We joked about a helmet.

Then we took her to the emergency room
Due to THE largest goose-egg in our history.

It was either swaddle her cranium
or just start taking points of her S.A.T.s.

Poor kid.
At least the dog doesn't do this sort of thing to her.

Why mom?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Upcycled sweater pants

"Pants" might be a loose approximation.

more like woolly jodhpurs.

Have an old sweater?
Cut off the arms and sew them up.
I used this tutorial from Prudent Baby.

Silly baby pants.

What could be cuter?
And they provide cushion for a rump-bump 
when gravity starts to pull too hard.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Skirting the Issue

Pu keeps growing.
Funny that.
Her old skirts don't get the job done anymore
She loves climbing trees.

And here is a little A line tree skirt,
to encourage the passion.

Working on the footwork...


And a triumphant perch!

Covered in dirt, as kid clothes should be.

And she loves ric rac, red & purple.

Terrible snaps, but this girl doesn't stop moving.

There is purple ric rac on the sides & the butt.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whooo? & Phew

Another little ornithological friend.

This one is for unborn baby Theo.

I hope he likes Owls, but really,
officially he isn't even here yet
so is it really appropriate to complain?

I guess it's possible he's griping already
but we just can't hear him.

On a completely tangential note
I also made some little grab bags for Nu & Pu.
When we head out for dinner I am constantly
diving into my bag of tricks for an assortment of
crayon rolls
( strike that last one)

On the flip side are their names &
they can be closed by a kid with a draw string...

Or wrapped up tightly by a dexterous grown up
(I'm sure I can find one)
for space saving.

Then they can just take their bag and play with whatever
the nightly tricks offer.
Am I dreaming
or will this be an ingenious time saver
& relief from deep bag diving?

Dream a little dream with me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bean Bag Fun

A little home made beanbag play set

for a couple of wee ones we love. 

They are filled with organic soybeans,
so if they are ever trapped on a desert island
with only their bean bags for sustenance-
well, they won't have to worry about pesticide residue.


Undoubtedly top of mind.

I think it's always wise when gifting 1 year olds
that you plan for them to eat your present.
You just know they are going to try.

Then I've been wanting to do number or alphabet bean bags
for our short set,
but I just wasn't up for the work of applique etc.
So I cheated with this 'Spot' material.

I don't know who this 'Spot' guy is.
I'm hoping he doesn't peddle crack to small children.
He seems innocent enough,
he knows his colours...

Quick and easy, snip and sew.
Endless possibilities.

Now, I need alphabet cheater fabric too.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Ric with the Rac

Look at the rapture on her face:

She's just spotted her true love moving into her vicinity.

Want a penguin sweet friend?

How about a metal plate?
We could have tea?

Oh ya, I made some Nu pants.

Same MADE pattern.
With endless sizing possibilites.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been doing battle for awhile now.
Usually at about 3am.
And, I'm losing this sad sack battle.
Meet the enemy:

She's pretty adorable in the daytime.
She was an SPCA kitty rescued from a mountain when just a kitten.
She is an integral member of our family.
Well we've decided we can't let her out at night anymore
due to the coyote snack she would become.

She doesn't see our logic.
And so, at all hours she slips her little claws under the doors
and shakes
and shakes
and rattles the doors.

And drives us all NUTS!

So I made another one of these to fit under the door.

I sewed velcro on to it and then glued the other velcro
to the door.

She tossed it off in one try and spent the night shaking the door.

Stage Two:
Working on bigger guns.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Booty Time

Hammer-time has it's value too,
but few things are cuter than a pudgy hiney.

Perhaps I should add...on the short set.

We used to be a strictly cloth diaper family.
But alas, now we do a combo.

Nothing like a cute keister
if it's under suspicion of creating
noxious odours.

Thanks again MADE !

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wicked Pants Pattern

I made a little pair of gingham pants
from this sweet MADE tutorial.

I made them so large that she can wear them to university.

I may have to add a few pockets
so she can carry her car keys in them.

Perfect for building a book nest.

Purple Friends

We have a new little friend with a birthday on the horizon.
she is devoted to purple.

So in keeping with the handmade strategy...

a wool roving beaded bracelet.

Size: extra little.

Then, add a purple flower that can be pinned
 to a knapsack, coat etc.

And a personalized crayon roll.

For the girl on the go!

Happy Birthday Little One!