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Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been doing battle for awhile now.
Usually at about 3am.
And, I'm losing this sad sack battle.
Meet the enemy:

She's pretty adorable in the daytime.
She was an SPCA kitty rescued from a mountain when just a kitten.
She is an integral member of our family.
Well we've decided we can't let her out at night anymore
due to the coyote snack she would become.

She doesn't see our logic.
And so, at all hours she slips her little claws under the doors
and shakes
and shakes
and rattles the doors.

And drives us all NUTS!

So I made another one of these to fit under the door.

I sewed velcro on to it and then glued the other velcro
to the door.

She tossed it off in one try and spent the night shaking the door.

Stage Two:
Working on bigger guns.