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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bean Bag Fun

A little home made beanbag play set

for a couple of wee ones we love. 

They are filled with organic soybeans,
so if they are ever trapped on a desert island
with only their bean bags for sustenance-
well, they won't have to worry about pesticide residue.


Undoubtedly top of mind.

I think it's always wise when gifting 1 year olds
that you plan for them to eat your present.
You just know they are going to try.

Then I've been wanting to do number or alphabet bean bags
for our short set,
but I just wasn't up for the work of applique etc.
So I cheated with this 'Spot' material.

I don't know who this 'Spot' guy is.
I'm hoping he doesn't peddle crack to small children.
He seems innocent enough,
he knows his colours...

Quick and easy, snip and sew.
Endless possibilities.

Now, I need alphabet cheater fabric too.


  1. Your entries keep us smiling, and sometimes laughing aloud. Thank you! Utterly creative.

  2. Very sweet of you to stop by Evan. It's nice to know there is someone chuckling on the other side of the blogosphere!