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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two funky friend frocks

Had the nicest time
meeting my dear dear friends
two littles.
(who live far away)
They definately need some Fly&Nest Frocks.

The mom and dad are super modern funksters.

There kids are still little enough that they
haven't resigned themselves
to wading through a sea of toys,
bubble wrapping all sharp corners
 & smearing cheerios
from one side of their house to the next.

Oh the humanity!!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Time for a rhyme

Linen and lace
to say thanks for the space.

The digs were so great
and the ice cream we ate!!!

To daughter and sister,
we already miss-ya.
Gifts in the mail,
I celebrate with ale.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beginning Again

Home again.
And starting small after a loooooong haul summer.
A tiny little something in the middle of
lots of tiny someones.
A little bunting on our make shift bike parking
under our house.
We opened it up for storing bikes, and strollers
and wagons and all the little ways we get
the little people around.
Speaking of getting around,
these little people are off to big things
and have been
accomplishing lots of firsts.
First day of kindergarten:
First big kid back pack

For the first 'day'  (2 hours)  of  preschool.
The first time the littlest begins to hold her own.
Cruising and stair climbing oh my!

 The biggest grows more confident on her bike.
And for the first time,
masters wave jumping
(For a while there, the waves were always winning)

First family flight with 5.

First round up of (some) cousins, in too long.

And the first days of fall not far away.
Hello home!