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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adieu to Home Sweet Home

Hello there!
It's me!
Sorry I've gone dark over here,
but really, truly,
it's been bonkers!
First we bought a house.
Then we sold a house.
(wroooong order)
And in between I packed up,
cleaned up, started dating a 1-800-junk company.
Beat a path to the thrift store donation table,
then another one,
then wash, rinse, repeat.

(Random picture of cute kid to keep you reading)
Then I wiped away a tear over the sorrows
 of sending books to book heaven.
Did you know this?
No one wants textbooks.
I tried to sell, tried to give away,
tried to give away with a big smile...
and nothing.
 No one wants them.
I promise they made me smarter.
If only briefly.
Putting our whole life away with little kids
and pretending we are super minimalist
swanky people.
Apparently we fooled someone.
Or, the house fooled someone.
Once all of our crap was hidden away,
I didn't want to sell it anymore.
Goodbye old friend.

 I miss you already.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Building a team for the zombie apocalypse.

 this post will not live up to that title.
In unrelated news...
I was hanging with these punks
 today at the park.
Nu is wearing a new dress, and pants
I made long ago,
and Yu is wearing her Phoebe sweater.
For some reason I can't link to them,
or find them in my search function

And man, did they play the heck out
of their threads!
This one still doesn't stop moving.
She plays hard and sleeps hard.

She IS the definition of zest.
If there is a zombie or robot apocalypse
they will never catch her.
That's one anyway.
I think the other one in the photo
would just be chewy at this point.

And the littlest one, never in the shadows
 for long, is not one to be outdone.
She is super-determined to be in the thick
 of it all.
She's still a little pissed at gravity.
I keep trying to convince her I'm not in
charge of gravity.
She is not amused.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Craft attack takes a nap

In every way except financially, this effort
was a grand success.

I made lots of things in a very short window.

I got lots of great compliments and
fooled some seasoned craft show veterans
into thinking I wasn't the new kid.

I had most excellent support from
The Sweetie and a five pack of awesome girlfriends.
Thank you Sio, Carla, Sam, Nina, Laura, & psychically Christine.
I got visits from my little ones,
and even a visit from my 83 young mom
on Mother's Day.

I talked shop with a few folks
and got some good tips.
I made bupkiss.
The old school folk said this was the worst/
strangest show they had been to.
Not many people, and those that came weren't so shoppy.
I came, I saw. I made.
I'll try a few more times and see what's what.
On to other things.
Here's a wrap up of some of the things I made:

Hand/machine embroidered/ applique wrist cuffs

and chokers.
Hoop canvases
Lapel pins, hair pins, covered buttons,
tissue cases, key lanyards/ fobs, tooth fairy pillows.

Crochet leaf necklaces,
hand stamped wooden memory/fish games
bean bags, wool ball and pom pom garlands.

A little bird mobile and a cloud mobile,
6 dresses, 9 dolls, 15 bonnets

Pennants/ bunting, crayon rolls & bookmarks

Possibly a few friends who now know me as
I can't think why.
 Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Great Canadian Craft Fair, Today!

It's go time people!
I'm off to my first craft fair today.

with a few little offerings.

Not the vast swath of kids clothes

that I had hoped for.


More than a stick of gum.


Flowers in 50 ways.



I'll send the bonnet off to the winner ASAP.

Thanks for visiting

And wish me luck!

Off to find my pink wig.

and get ready to Rumba.

Wishing you all a groove-nation weekend.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hats & Dresses Hooray!

If you are visiting
And, long may you rock!
For this giveaway I'm offering a funky reversible
bonnet from this post.

Let me know what size you need
and I'll send you some photos of choices.

New followers are always welcome,
but never required.
Leave a comment with your favorite website,
or podcast and tell me why you think it's great.
One of my shorties will pick the winner from a hat.
Don't forget to leave a way for me to get in touch.

The giveaway closes at 5pm PST on May 10
I will ship internationally.

Have fun!

As for the regulars...
I'm going to bombard you with some girl dresses.

These were made with a Rae pattern
and although it comes with loads of variations...

I just couldn't stop with the flutter sleeves.

These ones are made with a variety of
Japanese import fabrics.

Oh how they have moves.

This colourful scooter one is Echino.

My devotion is high.

I am taking these to my first craft fair.

and we shall see what becomes of them.

They all have a fully lined bodice.

A little scoop or V cut out at the neck.

They are super fun to play in,
as was evidenced by how much action
they saw on our trip.

Comfy and pretty?


Now if only I could achieve comfy and pretty
in high heels for me,
I would be way foxier!