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Sunday, September 22, 2013

These are very important in my life.
Fair question.
They are trigger point massage balls.
My Osteopath swore by them,
and I love/hate/love her for it.
You lie on them,
it's a little Ouchy, I confess.
But they are also a little bit of magic.
 I lie on them almost every night.
Either side of the spine,
thigh, back, neck...
I have yet to try eyeballs,
but it's only a matter of time.
Nonetheless, admit it:
If you saw these on someone's
bedside table...
wouldn't you raise an eyebrow?
And so:
(worst photo ever taken)
I made this!
(Second worst photo ever taken)
It's a little pocket sack that tucks
under your mattress.
It could hold a book,
an Ipad, whatever you want right there.
Or in my case,
it could discreetly store my
curiosity provoking orbs of glee.
...well there's no getting away from
that line.
(Imagine the other ones I spared
you from).

Hey! I have a blog!!

It's not like I forgot about you sweet reader.
So faithful, so true.
It's really not you...
It's me.
And although that sounds like
the worst break up line...
I'm doing the opposite.
I'd like to renew our vows.
You see,
I didn't forget about YOU,
but I did forget a little about me.
And how important doing something,
even something tiny,
possibly meaningless
in the creative realm,
is essential to my "ME-ness".
Since our big move,
and sorting 3 Little's out with
school and getting off one board
and onto another, and, and...
I've been having a rough patch.
My creative space has been fortified with boxes
and my inner space his been screaming
 Every window of time I have
 I've been filling
with "important stuff"
Well, that sucked.
So, even though these silly little
table shower caps are
seemingly insignificant...
And, they involved very little skill
or creativity:
They got my inner MacGyver,
My deep seeded MacGyver's Lovechild self
smiling again.
They solved a little problem
with a little funk.
And, that feels gooood.
They also got me coming back
to you to say "Hi"
Let's never fight like this again!