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Sunday, September 22, 2013

These are very important in my life.
Fair question.
They are trigger point massage balls.
My Osteopath swore by them,
and I love/hate/love her for it.
You lie on them,
it's a little Ouchy, I confess.
But they are also a little bit of magic.
 I lie on them almost every night.
Either side of the spine,
thigh, back, neck...
I have yet to try eyeballs,
but it's only a matter of time.
Nonetheless, admit it:
If you saw these on someone's
bedside table...
wouldn't you raise an eyebrow?
And so:
(worst photo ever taken)
I made this!
(Second worst photo ever taken)
It's a little pocket sack that tucks
under your mattress.
It could hold a book,
an Ipad, whatever you want right there.
Or in my case,
it could discreetly store my
curiosity provoking orbs of glee.
...well there's no getting away from
that line.
(Imagine the other ones I spared
you from).


  1. They look fun, where does one acquire such things?

  2. I just saw them at a local medical pharmacy. I got them from my osteopath, so I bet physio etc would point you in the right direction. They rock!

  3. Orbs of glee well hidden! Love the pockets and you never really take bad photos.