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Saturday, October 5, 2013

No Slackin' in these Slacks

Back with a KA-POW!
I made some pants for the middle one
It's still swing time in these parts.
And never before was there a kid
who needed knee pads on her pants...
before she even puts them on.

Because with swinging comes
never before was there a girl
who loved pink more.
So pink knee patches for Nu.
(Here she is paused for less than a second
 thinking reverentially about the greatness of pink)
These knees have been taking a beating lately.

And as always with Nu's raison d'etre
racing into the world
involves lots of wipe outs.

So too have treasure pockets become vital
for this Magpie.

Everything is maximum volume now
she is 4.

She's always way ahead racing into the future.
Happily she still pauses at life's crossings
to let her sister catch up.
And boy, is Yu game to try!
Now that Pu is back at school
this gruesome twosome have more time together.
Their cahoots are pretty cute.

Suddenly the newly 4 year old
is trying leadership.

And although the tiny one thinks she's
always in charge.
She snuggles in for an invented story
Or takes time to learn the nuance in the scribble.
If I were to source the Magic Eight Ball
for a prediction on this 3rd girl in the 3 pack:
I'd say she's being well tutored at the knee of
the wildest one

And riding off
 in her own unique way
with a similar take-a-bite-out-of-life

Oh 3-pack.
You're swell!!

if you are looking for something awesome to do
check out as Katy
sews through the alphabet.

I might try a letter or two...



  1. Glad you're back to sewing! And the blog is great, as usual, both the commentary and the photos, and of course the beautiful girls.

  2. Thanks sweet Janice! I'm afraid to look a your French dining for fear of drool! See you soon!