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Monday, October 21, 2013

H is for...

I am playing along with Katy from as she
Sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet.
Today is inspired by "H".
I had high hopes that "H"
would be all about Halloween.
However, my 3 Littles are fickle.
It was this, then definitely that...
I was waiting with 2 Littles
for the fabric
store to open,
hatching a costume plan when...
 I found myself across the street
from a second hand store.
You know what's easier than making
Halloween costumes????
NOT making them :)
The Littlest will be a ladybug.
I could never make something this cute!!
And the rest of us are all witches.
Until it changes again.
A little shirt for Nu.

This is possibly the cutest jersey
I have ever seen.
Organic. Yum.

It's called Elk Grove by Jay-Cyn designs
for Birch Organic Fabrics.

It's a simple peasant top with shirred sleeves
(in the later photos)

Although I love-me-some peasant top/dress
I think a more defined pattern would have
taken the cute up a notch.
Dag Nabbit you alphabet and your 26 letters!
Haste makes the cuteness factor slump.


This should help.

Happy Halloween!!!
(also BOO!)




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