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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat Nap

I love this material.

I already made a bag out of it.
But, I think it's so beautiful,
I want to keep it near.

I'm feeling the same way about lace.

So graphic.
So detailed.
So lovely.

So sleepy.

The cat is reading my book,
 and lying on my new pillow.

Where is the justice?

At least I'm keeping my place
with the hope of returning
with these little homemade bookmarks.

A total coincidence that the first line of this
page refers to a devil child.

I'm pretty sure?!
(to be read in your best Valley Girl voice)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life's little mysteries.

One of the cool things for me
about making short people,
is the necessity of sustaining mystery.

There is so much magic in childhood.

So many unknowns,
 & unknowables.

So much beauty,

inexplicable divinity.

There are the games of life to master.

And so many purple questions.

At our house,
a lot of wondering has been going on...

About this fairy door.

When opened,
it clearly says :
"Fairy entrance, use magic".

So that seems clear.

But that's all that's clear.

How did the door get there?
Who's it for?
What IS magic?

And how do we participate in both
the little mysteries,

And the big ones.

I'm really loving the wondering aloud stage.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exclamation Point!

One of my favorite people has an affection for hyperbole.
(Now that I mention it, a few of my favorite people do.)

For Futchie everything is the MOST,
grandest indescribably huge profound larger than life
dramatic event with a bad case of Giganticism,
EVER!!!!! (!!!!)

She's also a writer, so she can be pretty convincing.

We grew up together and spent a lot of our
teen years inseparable.

She would gesticulate wildly with her hands
and I would sprain my eyeballs rolling them.

Ah teenagers.

When she got a bad haircut,
 she was shorn like an abused sheep.
If she broke up with a boyfriend,
her soul was scarred beyond recognition.
When she got a teen age zit?

Face leprosy.
Biblical style.

Well apparently my teenage unconscious is still alive,
and Sweet Futchie has tutored me well.

This baby loves to teeth,
and she's got

People stop me in the street
and want to talk about it.
A lot.
Yes thank you,
 I've tried this,
and that, and also the other thing.

No she doesn't seem to mind.
Yes, it looks very sore.
It's teething.

I don't tell them about the face leprosy.

So when she's slathered with an
she shouldn't be in the sun.

And since her sisters got this and this,
it seemed only just that she too

should get a little Biblical bonnet.

See what the creams did to her face??!!!
Sometimes it's best to just leave
well enough alone.

 I mean the lamb is modelling the flip side.

Do you think I should submit this
to one of those before and after shows?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sack it to Me

What's this you say?

Well it's one of these.

I used this tutorial from Toni Coward

Because how Lego does grow!

The grumpy rabbit is a huge fan.

So it all goes in,
or you can play with it right on the mat.

Then cinch it up when it's time to move on
to other great things.

And then immediately take it out again
to show the sister.

After all, Lego beats all other
great things for this girl.

Ready to roll,
take it with you or just tidy up.


Insert too much love baby photo.

This one is beginning her Lego
tutorial by gumming an occasional
large (non chocking hazard) piece.

 hair is always more delicious.

Seriously, you with the camera.
Pu is giving me the Heimlich.

Perhaps a 3 pack of 
engineers in the making?

I hope so,
we could use a moat.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Purple Dinosaurs

In our house there are two things that are solid.

There may be more than two,
but there are definitely these two:
1) Purple, and
2) Dinosaurs

So, in the spirit of purple and in 'need'
of another bullet proof leisure suite for
El Destructo...

Yes, I'm talking about you short stuff!

More purple dove into the sewing machine.
It was quickly followed by the stripes
I can't get enough of.

Here purple pants and purple romper
study "Stegosaurus: Armoured Defender",
one of our mannnnnnny dino texts.

They take it verrry seriously.

Now, back to matters at hand.

When not studying the cretaceous period,

Nu can be found working on her
jazz hands.

And Pu, working on her Daryl Hannah 
 mermaid impressions.

A little top for Pu in purple.

Nu held hostage by her big sister
for a very brief moment of purple stillness.

Unhand me you fiend!
(said in Dinosaur voice)

And the stompy purple madness continues...