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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organized Chaos

I love Japanese import fabric.

They do such lovely things with linen.
And, they always seem to leave the right
amount of space between the images.

I also love it when the translation doesn't quite make it.

In this case, I won't be using this fabric
to teach the shorties how to spell 'forest'.

Instead, I'll teach them how to put away toys.

I added a label for me too.
Because, frankly what could be more fun than
dumping all the toys out of the bags?

Then who knows what should be peaking through the window?

This awesome tutorial from
Make it Perfect assumes the bags are full.

Though my cup is usually half full,
my bags are usually empty.

And the contents of my bags are mostly
strewn everywhere.

Or in the dogs intestines.

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