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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Sweaty Thrifting. Part 2

Another awesome thrift was the aforementioned 70's tracksuit.
In this slightly barfy shade of orange.

I am in love with the romper these days,
and a baby romping in velour...

Barfy orange for the bootie.

A little striped jersey for the neck.

And more of that velour bathrobe for the front.

Only thing is...
It smells a little like teen spirit.

It didn't after washing,
but the iron brought back that
 '70's je ne sais quoi

I can count on this one
to cover it in baby related goo by noon,
so good bye to the smell
 of sweating to the oldies.

And hello cute baby.

Look she's doing a Jane Fonda jumping jack!!
Count it down sistah!

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