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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Voodoo for You

What you lookin' at?!
Is it the eyeballs?
They're looking at you too!

Lately my creative focus has been on food.

Only because it's one of the necessities of life.

And oddly,
my children keep expecting to be fed.

I don't love to cook.
Much of the time I don't even like it.

I've decided that since I will have to do it
for a discriminating (ahem)
 family audience,
for many years to come,

I'd better find some fun and joy and
voodoo in it.

And what better time for the voodoo
than Halloween?

Also hot chocolate

and goats.
I mean, why NOT have goats
at the pumpkin patch??!
Gotta run.

Stitches to come.
(Here's hoping!)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Soon back to our regularly scheduled fun...

Still Here ?
Me too.
We've had lots of awesome company.
Cooking and eating and visits.
Oh my.
And now,
I've got Delia's pencil skirt pattern
cut out and taped together.
 I've got blue & gold velvet
geometric fabric line drying in the bathroom.
I've got two stacks of lining,
folded and waiting patiently.
I've got 8 meters of black vinyl
off-gasing on the deck.
I've got duct tape pumpkin eyes
But mostly I've been doing this lately...
How about you?