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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cow Pimp Daddy. Yes, you read that right.

And then life got even busier.

Not much in craftology these days.

A very little something

for someone very big to us.

And some more of this:

and hopefully all
of the short people in my world.


I am hopeful that this super sized version
does not have the same effect
as the mini knit.


Is it me?
Or does this unsuspecting cow
turn into a pimp-daddy in this sweater?

You can imagine that this is not my goal
for my shorties.

every one needs a cozy sweater.

Cow-pimp-daddy or not.

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Time.

It's time for swings,


And rolling in the grass.

 Of course,
eating the grass is on the agenda too.
(It's an organic lawn so Yu
won't likely grow a third elbow)

In our family, it's always time to pet
Yu's head like it's a Buddha's belly.

Perhaps that's why such good luck abounds.

Apparently it's also time for a little more

I thought this bench looked a little nipple-y.

We can't have that.

For those of you popping by from the SMS
giveaway I'll post the winner soon.

And, for those new followers
to Fly & Nest,
thanks for visiting,
and thanks for hangin' around.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Giveaway Day

Congrats to Leanne who wanted the grey scarf! I'll be in touch soon. I ended up picking randomly since there were so many great ideas and recipes. Thanks again for the awesome suggestions
The giveaway is now closed.
Thanks for playing!

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It's Giveaway Day again
 hosted by the fine people at SMS
And this round the winner has a choice of either:

This grey ruffle scarf
made from up-cycled jersey.
Soft and flow-y,
 a great little fabric bijoux to toss on
running out the door.

This birdie tree, hand and machine
 embroidered wall art.
Frame it,
or turn it into a pocket,
or applique-

Really, it could have a few different incarnations
Plus a little flower bookmark.

You pick!

To enter:
 Please leave a comment
saying which one you would like.

Please also leave the name
of your favorite cook book.

Or- if you're insane with leisure time,
I'd love your favorite veggie recipe.

Check back here to find out if you've won.
I'll also email the winner if you include your deets.
And Yes! I will ship internationally.

The giveaway closes at 5pm EST May 25
and my favorite answer wins.
(whatever that means?!)

Thanks for playing,
and of course,
 if you'd like to come back and visit again
new followers are always welcome!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini Sweater

I've been reading a little of this lately.
The tale is all about a knitting mouse-mama

who makes her daughter...wait for it,
Yes. A sweater.

It's quite sweet and the illustrations are lovely.

And it includes patterns for a mouse,
 a sweater for the mouse
and a big kid sweater.

Nu has a treasured doll and I thought
I'd try and make her "Sho-Sho" a sweater.

Sho-Sho has a big-head thing happening,
so I went to town on the hood.

Knowing in my heart that Nu
would never tolerate a change in Sho-Sho's perfection.

These little buttons found the perfect home.
(Thanks Shivo!)

But as suspected, Nu ripped the sweater
off of all the dolls we tried to clothe.

Next to take a stab at the big girl version.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Bears Down.

Oh sweet Yu.

This one,
like her sisters before her,

isn't very sleepy.

The good news is she's
 pretty happy when she's awake.

It's clear she's hatching a plan
 and getting ready
to leap into the sister mix.

If only she could get a word in edgewise.

Honouring the secret society of babies
long standing tradition,
Yu is determined to out-Fox her headware.

She rips off her disguise

and reveals her super sneaky baby identity.

Foiling criminals, interlopers and
big sisters everywhere.
Stoic and a masterful drooler.
Yu: Baby Spy,
 blends in to her forest surroundings.

And gums whatever unsuspecting
foil gets in her path.

The green version is for her little buddy,
who also likes to yell at 4am.





A race to the black sheep title.

These crazy kids:
More ears to love

I had to add the outtake where Nu
in an innocent attempt at a snuggle,
garotte's her little sister and starts a
harrowing baby domino effect.

Baby Bears down.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I 'Ear You.

I roll with these three scamps.

And though I think they are cute enough,
I have a problem with children and ears.

I think they require an extra set.

That way if they are yelling at me,
the cuteness cushions the volume.

Even if they are oversized.

Yu is also discovering the great joy
 of yanking off hats.
So I made her one with ties.

I have had such lovely
earnest strangers chase me down
with a wayward hat in tow.
All sweaty and breathless and hopeful.

There is something about returning
 a lost bear hat to a beleaguered mom
 that just rights the disparities in the world
for just one second.

Somehow we all know this.
Thus the wide open moon eyes and
triumphant smiles from the good Samaritans
when the hats are reunited with
the infants head.

Only so they may fling them off again with renewed enthusiasm.

I made the hat for Yu,
but clearly it's too big.
It even fits Pu,
but she's a little to dignified for this right now.

Though it fits Nu the best,
she would shiv me
if I tried to make her wear a hat these days.

 Back to the ear drawing board.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ruffle Frequencies

This one is a keen observer.

She notices all the textures

All the little things big and small.

She has big feelings,

in both directions.

She is a whirling dervish.

And a contemplative poet.

She is clever and creative,


today she told me that the fairies
were leaving messages with cherry blossoms.

And why wouldn't they?!

That's just the sort of thing
that fairies ought to do.

Yu agreed.

She's at the agreeable stage.

So Pu got a new skirt for fairy communications.

 Surely ruffles pick up fairy frequencies?

Especially during spinning.

If not,
 then they are bound to land on
Yu's flower hat.

And say what...?

I mean,
do fairies swear when they stub their toes?