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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cow Pimp Daddy. Yes, you read that right.

And then life got even busier.

Not much in craftology these days.

A very little something

for someone very big to us.

And some more of this:

and hopefully all
of the short people in my world.


I am hopeful that this super sized version
does not have the same effect
as the mini knit.


Is it me?
Or does this unsuspecting cow
turn into a pimp-daddy in this sweater?

You can imagine that this is not my goal
for my shorties.

every one needs a cozy sweater.

Cow-pimp-daddy or not.


  1. Looks like the knitting needles are getting a great workout! Connie

  2. I think these knitting needles are deeply confused. First I knit, then I frog. I think I'll use your work out metaphor and just pretend I'm doing extra knitting sit ups in the quest of sweater!!