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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dead Muppet?

Apologies if anyone has burst into tears.

I don't know of any famous dead muppets.
I think they're all ok.
No one wants to read a blog post that makes them weep in the corner for hours.
But the jacket I made for Nu looks very much like a muppet was skinned.

It could have been a Fraggle.
As far as I'm concerned they are mostly expendable.

It will eventually be a jacket. But for now it is a vest. 
 I got wooed by the super tactile faux muppet purple fabric.

But, it's almost summer.
Hear that weather God's and Goddesses? IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!
So, I'll road test it as a vest and add the sleeves later.

What 7 month old doesn't need a purple pimp jacket?
Action shot to follow, these shots eat shorts.

Update: There are no 'action' shots when a kid doesn't even crawl yet.

Do you think she's mocking me?

That's fair.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Here's the beginning of a new felt art piece

I think this bit will sit on the end of a long branch and all of it will live on linen.

What are you doing in your creative space?

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pocket Skirt

Here's another skirt for Pu.

She chose the material and guess who fits in the pocket?

Pu is very into collecting and having access to her treasures.
My pockets are laden with rocks.

 now she can steal her sister's bunny AND have her hands free for a karate assault.
It's always good to keep your eyes open for surprise Ninja's
 Or, in our house imaginary coyotes are a constant threat.

Update: Action shots with matching shirt

I just added ruffles to a shirt we had

A little too matchy matchy for my taste but Pu liked it

Photo shoot on the dog crate. How Vogue.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Fixit Dress

Here is the original dress I made Pu, cut up and revamped.

I chopped off the top to make the waist larger and then added the bottom black, ric rac and buttons

It passed the climbing test.


And the standing on a chair eating a cookie test.

The shirt is by one of my favourite local designers Lorraine at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Beginning of My Creative Space & a Phat Bag

I'm playing along with a new group who posts a picture and a quick show and tell of their creative space each week.
They do it every Thursday, but they seem to be hardcore Aussies so with the time change,
I'll be posting each Wednesday

At least that's my cunning plan

Here's what I was working on this week.

A huge "bean bag" chair.

A quick action shot

Pu is in that stage where she doesn't stop moving.
Can you see how many things she has going on during her 1 millisecond break from spinning?
Rings on all feet, cards in her hand, singing free verse story to a friend, hair a flurry from recent twirling.
 I have been making love eyes at this pattern for a while
but after my last run with the stuffing and static cling for my bean bag cube I just couldn't get behind buying more of that plastic beading.
I just don't trust it.

 And, it created a plastic bead unibrow that lived long after the cube was sealed.
The only unibrow I can abide is Bert's.
Well...because he's a muppet with a lot of 'tude so he can roll that way.

Then somewhere in the blogosphere a genius crafter suggested using it as storage for sleeping bags etc
 (I exclaimed)

Now my happiness is so high I may have to Sachet

Look who else likes it!

Earl's not a very harsh critic.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Skirt Redux

Well Pu BARELY fit into the original model.
I could get it on, then it was great but the getting part was tricky.
Pu is not one to suffer fools gladly so this is version 2.

It fits!!

And totally works when you're spinning with a ribbon.
I added ric rac to hide my Franken-hem.
I'm going to try and recreate and expand the other version.
Who DOESN'T need two black skirts?

I also crossed a threshold today.
I am a bit of a thrifting virgin.
Never a garage sale gal either.
But the idea of recreating from old really opens windows in my soul.
Today I found these green linen napkins and lace handkerchiefs neither of which I need or want

But ...
who can't find a use for a treasure bag?

Surely this would look better ironed in good light.

Well then maybe Shirley should come over to my house and get busy!

(busting a gut here people)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Skirt

I hearted this material left over from a project so I whipped up a skirt for Pu

Only I made so many mistakes.
I used a skirt she has to draw a pattern, but I didn't account for the elastic waist.
I made it without measuring her waist.
I cut half of it on the fold, but not the other half.
When folding down the waist to make the waist band I didn't account for the tapering of the pattern so ended up with too much fabric.
I improvised and added a gather here and there.
The material is forgiving and so is Pu so I'll try it on her tomorrow.

I also tried to avoid hemming the bottom do to the same tapering issue.
I'm going to pretend the goal is shabby chick.
Kinda punk rock.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 the right, to the right, now take it to the left

I have developed a hard core crush on linen

I'm afraid to wear it because I am absolutely spiritually against ironing clothing

but my lusty linen loving has now found a vehicle in

le sachet

These are made with hand dyed organic linen

I can't wait until our garden surrenders her lavender for these babies.
But really, I can't wait, so these are filled with rosemary and other fun stinky herbs.

Hand stamped, embellished with lace and buttons.

I've suddenly developed all sorts of unrequited feelings for all things old lady and vintage.

Like lace and doilies. Didn't see that coming.
Do you think Joey Ramone would forgive me?
Probably not.

I blame Gretel at for making beautiful things.

And those old ladies who knew what they were doing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Power & Bits & Bobs

I made these little hair clips, lapel pins, what-have-you
Thank you
And I've been adding bits and bobs to my tote

Curse you late night flash photography!

Repurpose Shirt

I love this whole repurpose thing, so I made Nu a shirt from one of her Dad's old abandoned T-shirts.
But I am also a slave to beautiful new fabric, so this poor kid got another ruffle

I'd also like it to be able to grow with her so I made the arms long and added little fabric...what are those called, big in the 80's people...roll up cuff holders?!
 (they are definately NOT called that. You know someone cares and put time into a catchy name...)

Not sure the faded t shirt material works with the other, but it's soft and I think there is something sweet about a little girl wearing her Dad's old shirt.

I also used elastic thread and attempted shirring which made the neck stretchy and fit over her giant cranium with minimum protest.

She's also lying on a quilted change pad I made. Fleece on both sides with nylon inside. Wide because she wiggles and it can graduate to a sideline blanket or whatever later in life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Deja Vu

Does this look familiar?

Someone liked it and wanted their own version
Nonetheless, original art is ...original

Can you see the differences?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Elephant's and Baby Carriers Don't Mix

For those of you who speak baby carriers...
 I converted my Mai Tai (if only it were a sexy drink) into an Ergo-like contraption.

Complete with ooodles of buckles that provide a Cirque du Soleil-like environment for Nu
And extra strong stitching so she doesn't end upside down frantically braiding her nose hairs into a lasso to avoid certain bonking on ground

For those of you who don't speak baby carrier and perhaps speak something sexier like Latin or Italian with a Venetian accent, I made something that wasn't working, work. Yeah.

Then there's this

Shhhhhh the baby is catching her ZZZZZ's

And a new kid on the block.

I can tell already she has wanderlust.

She makes friends easily and is house broken,
which is essential with an elephant

And, after good council she decided to travel to J's house to live with E!
Thanks again

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dirty Girl Hatches a Plan & Makes a Shirt

Isn't this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Not sure what you're looking at? Fair enough.
It's an empty laundry basket.
Sigh. Such sweetness.
That means all the laundry is done and there will never be more laundry...

But just in case "D" is for dirty and "C" is for clean

My sweetie and I have had too many conversations like this one:
Clean? Not clean? Dirty? Yes dirty! No, dirty? Yes? No? No, yes?
Why didn't you take that laundry basket upstairs/ downstairs?
Well I wasn't sure if it was clean, or dirty?! (Repeat)

Now flip the tag to the clean or dirty side and leave it on top of the pile.
 No more fascinating discussions on this subject.

Speaking of scintillating discussions:
We had the same conversation every day about the dog too.
Did you feed the dog?
Except the dog was always, without fail putting on such a compelling performance that she had never ever been fed.
 Not once in her sad dog life.
Even after I fed her I began checking the little sign I made that we flip once dog is fed morning and night.
'Cause you can't trust dog eyes when it comes to food.
They lie. Lying labradoodle eyes.

Back to sewing related news
 I made my first shirt from scratch.

And covered an old london drugs tote with this fabric.

Rats! Or in this case a Mouse

The kind you don't want to exterminate

I made this little fella thanks to Jodie at 

This bib is heading to the shop.

Gotta feather the nest.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monkey Puke

Did the title of this post intrigue or terrify you?

So I cut off the bottom of a onesie that was covered in stains and headed to the trash.
The plan was to sew it to one of my favourites and extend its life. Success.
Then I decided that I could reincarnate the trashed top half.

Specimen A:

Complete with stains

I covered it with some fabric and lengthened it so it became ...
Specimen B

I wonder when Nu is going to start objecting to late night bathroom floor photo shoots?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More and then some

 This used to be a good top, then the lady lumps just got bigger...and bigger
Now it's wee pants.

I'm experimenting with labels.

A little too sausage casing for my liking, but diapers are a great antidote to camel toe.

Then here is this weird little decorative ball.
Great for using up scraps and pretty on an xmas tree or wherever your fancy strikes.
My lamp 'needed' a little love, so now she's accessorized.

Another 'use' for quilting squares. This cube has been getting a lot of play.
Apparently balls are over rated. It's fun for short people to balance on apparently.
It's also a wee seat for a wee seat.

Now to get busy on some new commissions.