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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Skirt

I hearted this material left over from a project so I whipped up a skirt for Pu

Only I made so many mistakes.
I used a skirt she has to draw a pattern, but I didn't account for the elastic waist.
I made it without measuring her waist.
I cut half of it on the fold, but not the other half.
When folding down the waist to make the waist band I didn't account for the tapering of the pattern so ended up with too much fabric.
I improvised and added a gather here and there.
The material is forgiving and so is Pu so I'll try it on her tomorrow.

I also tried to avoid hemming the bottom do to the same tapering issue.
I'm going to pretend the goal is shabby chick.
Kinda punk rock.