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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Beginning of My Creative Space & a Phat Bag

I'm playing along with a new group who posts a picture and a quick show and tell of their creative space each week.
They do it every Thursday, but they seem to be hardcore Aussies so with the time change,
I'll be posting each Wednesday

At least that's my cunning plan

Here's what I was working on this week.

A huge "bean bag" chair.

A quick action shot

Pu is in that stage where she doesn't stop moving.
Can you see how many things she has going on during her 1 millisecond break from spinning?
Rings on all feet, cards in her hand, singing free verse story to a friend, hair a flurry from recent twirling.
 I have been making love eyes at this pattern for a while
but after my last run with the stuffing and static cling for my bean bag cube I just couldn't get behind buying more of that plastic beading.
I just don't trust it.

 And, it created a plastic bead unibrow that lived long after the cube was sealed.
The only unibrow I can abide is Bert's.
Well...because he's a muppet with a lot of 'tude so he can roll that way.

Then somewhere in the blogosphere a genius crafter suggested using it as storage for sleeping bags etc
 (I exclaimed)

Now my happiness is so high I may have to Sachet

Look who else likes it!

Earl's not a very harsh critic.


  1. ohhh, I love it! I love how you've gone all matchy too with the quilt and Earl's feet.

    Welcome to my creative space, from a hardcore Aussie :)

  2. Thanks for the welcome Selina! Love your creative space!