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Friday, April 29, 2011

A pox on hat's! Up with bonnets!

My short people eschew
the traditional head dress.

I have tried hats of all sorts
and without crazy glue
Velcro and duct tape attachments
they are flung
far and further wide, also afield.

But here comes the bonnet!

Still a little grim about the head gear concept.

Clearly it burns.

The cuteness is high but the mitts are working hard
to disengage the new bonnet.

Triumphant success!!

A little bit of peak-a-boo-bonnet
(perhaps you've heard of it)
and the hat was deemed worthy for a road test

Even the big sister who is just learning to befriend
the hat in its many forms, was a fan.

She requested red on the outside and purple on the inside.

Who could refuse such a request?

Gifties for she who is knocked up, again.

One of my sweet sweet people...
one of the sweetest really,
is expecting her second girl.

She came to visit and picked out some favorite materials,
and so I've been putting together little things for her,
for her first
and for her second.

Some more of these floaty dreamy doilie-do-dads
to hang above the crib or change table.

And the best part is since she chose the materials,
she's bound to like everything.

She can use them all together as a mobile,
or hang them individually and change them up.

Some (upside down) buttons and hair ties
for her number 1 girl.
And one for the hot mama.

Some simple little onesies with her material
choices stitched on.

And some bibs.

They always say children and animals are the hardest to work with...
well these three were high maintenance.
All "where's my champagne,
I need a bigger per Diem,
I'm off clubbing after this shoot..."

Man, animal super models these days!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Nap time crafts this week were Easter related.

We dyed some brown eggs
 (uh rookie mistake)
with beet juice.

Very granola hippie.

But they basically turned the colour of barf.

Happy Barf Easter was not the goal.

So we tried again.
This time we used water colour and water colour pencils

A little more time and commitment and a little less 4 year old
and these could be gorgeous!
But, what fun would it be with less 4 year old?

Happy hunting little rabbits everywhere!

Easter Craft-asm

When Nu is napping, it's often craft time for Pu & I.

Since Pu still has abiding scissor love
we made this very quick little garland
that's all over blogland
(though I can't remember where exactly)

Pu did most of the cutting

Thank you paint chips!

A Little Doily Love

I know we have enough mobiles...but
I couldn't resist this little tutorial.

So I made a little set for the nursery.

It picks up the material from this quilt
and from this pillow

It was 3 stooges trying to photograph it in a breeze.

But, points for trying.

The lace around the top is too much but
blends into the wall, so it passes.
(not that you can see it in this photograph)

Silly, & satisfying.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention Space Cadets!

Some friends of ours had a crush on the rockets.
More accurately,
 they had a 1.5 year old who might have a crush on the rockets.
truth be told...
It was really the Dad of the 1.5 year old who
space and all space related things.
Including rockets.

So they requested a little Hobo sack with the rocket material.


However, since you and I,
and they,
and possibly everyone knows
that the Dad is really and truly the lusty lover of space,
and a 1.5 year old will care not for a bag...

It's reversible.
This way Pops can carry snacks and toys etc for Jr.
And he can still roll low profile if he likes.
Secretly HE knows he's carrying blast off capability.
Without any danger of mock of his appreciation for mach.

Moreover, he can carry lunch & snacks for senior
 into the lunch room or board room if necessary.

Why he might just seem like a mild mannered
environmentally aware lunch tote carrier- not the
space maniac
that you and I know him to be.

Of course if he's loud and proud of his rocket love
then he can go to the playground
and be seen in all the right shorty circuits with
Rockets Galore.

Meanwhile there is still a 1.5 year old who got a bag for his bday,
and is now so mad he really wants to THROW something.


Peek inside the bag.
Problem solved little rage-o-holic!

Once the initial flinging stage has passed
(does that ever pass, I still enjoy a good fling...)

well, he can work on the letters in his name.

Use the Force space cadets large and small!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boy Baby Gifts

One of my people is popping in a few weeks
and she knows she's having a boy.

She already has a 4 year old who is very into space.

So a Hobo Sack for big brother with rockets...

And, a tiny gear bag for some of his rocket pieces.

Then new baby Theo gets a little snuggly blanket,
the flip side is super soft minky.

A few 'boy' wash cloths

and a wee grasping toy.

Clearly, it's time to cut the grass!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hobo Sack

This should be flung over a stick,
full of pint-sized treasures.

Ready for a day of adventure and mischief.

It's also a portable hording spot for Pu
that can be hung on higher
and higher hooks
as her sister grows.


Lately, Nu has become more of a threat to Pu's

Thanks to Dana from MADE for the great tutorial!

(Is it me, or is Lucy the Moosey unimpressed?!)

Eye Condom

Made you look.

I have a thing with sunglasses.

I like to lose them, and smash them.
Unless I scratch them,
then I can't lose them no matter how hard I try.

So I made a sunglasses prophylactic:

OK, fine...


more traditionally it's referred to as a
'glasses case'

but admit it,
I had you at condom.