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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gifties for she who is knocked up, again.

One of my sweet sweet people...
one of the sweetest really,
is expecting her second girl.

She came to visit and picked out some favorite materials,
and so I've been putting together little things for her,
for her first
and for her second.

Some more of these floaty dreamy doilie-do-dads
to hang above the crib or change table.

And the best part is since she chose the materials,
she's bound to like everything.

She can use them all together as a mobile,
or hang them individually and change them up.

Some (upside down) buttons and hair ties
for her number 1 girl.
And one for the hot mama.

Some simple little onesies with her material
choices stitched on.

And some bibs.

They always say children and animals are the hardest to work with...
well these three were high maintenance.
All "where's my champagne,
I need a bigger per Diem,
I'm off clubbing after this shoot..."

Man, animal super models these days!!!

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