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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gift Frenzy

There are some new little girlies in our life.
So I made a few gifties.

And then one more.

We tried a few on for photos...

...and now I'm not sure I can give this one away.

Little owl in constant motion.

Yes she is sitting on the dog.

Only briefly I assure you dog lovers.
And, the dog seemed resigned to her cushion fate.

Next the cuteness took over this one.

And then the big sister nabbed THIS one.

Apparently they work well for gearing up
for big jumps.

They are also handy for bug inspecting.

It may be we'll need a new round of gifties.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Red Letter Day

I never used to think much of red.
lately it has infiltrated with reckless abandon.

Here's MY towel/ dress/ change room
 for beside the pool.

I road tested it with an under-cover
pool side strip tease today.

It's a belt/ sash/ wrap/ scarf.
(Why choose?)
Patchwork on one side and all
black and white on the other.

I was thinking about the value of an OBI belt.
But then I just went large and in charge.

This is our beside the pool landing pad.

I just keep adding ric rac and trim to it.
Easy to find. The giant red sheet.

so light it can be carried without a
rented hunchback.

Guess there's no hiding from the red.

The shirt sequel:
Little sister got her shirt back.

Though staying put for a photo
was not in the plans.

Hope your day has all the colours in it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

More of the Little Things

Fabric and ribbon wrapped
patterns weights.

Wipes cases.

And a top for Nu.

Nu was napping so Pu modelled.

Wonder if I'll ever get it back to her sister?

She who naps may not laugh last.

I'm linking over at Kojo  & Southern Institute today

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Time = Swim Time

I think it's genius.
Not my genius, surely.

Dana's genius from MADE.
It's a beach robe!!!!

Or a pool robe.

Instead of trying to keep those towels
on those wiggly bodies.

Packing them in and out of bags...

A little extra sun coverage,

And cozy the whole time!!

Of course the little one needed one too.

I added a little velcro to keep hers shut.

We will so rock these this summer at the pool.

Until then, they are perfect for the post bath

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bias Tape Top & Cheese-Dog Grins

I used the tutorial over at Jess' crafty site,
and though I stumbled multiple times
(because of my newbie sewing status,
NOT her instructions)

I like the end result.

This little monkey finally got TWO pockets.

I love the capped sleeves.

I drafted the pattern from something &
inexplicably the neck was HUGE.
So, I ended up creating a weird little
gather/ fan thing in the middle to shrink it.

It doesn't work exactly, but Meh.

A frog closure would have been the ticket,
but my sewing room ate them.

On another note Pu would only pose with a
broken chicken neck.

And in more important news.
New sparkly ten dollar zellars sandals
beat out anything I'll ever make!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pu's New Quilt

Word on the street is that summer is approaching.
Though, the evidence is vague at best.

Must be time to drag huge pieces of Minky,
and batting and fabric from room to room
in an attempt to make a quilt.

A sweaty endeavour.

It started with this face.

And a plan.

I ended up using torn up sheets for the edge around.

This is my first 'twin' size quilt.
I sooo can't quilt on something this large.

(or on anything truly madly deeply,
but it's fun to try nonetheless)

A strategically placed pocket so Pu
can tuck in her favorite wee toy.

It's backed with super soft Minky.
(not exactly summer weight)

And a little signature patch for
future nostalgia building.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top That Top

In the sage words of Britney Spears
"ooops I did it again".

I bought more echino fabric.
I can't help myself.

The good news is Pu was just as keen &
earmarked the purple cars pronto.

These feature a super easy & quick ribbon back tie.

And when combined with purple shoes
make you ride your bike extra fast.

Even if, a little wobbly.

Then, because purple is excellent...
and I also cracked and got some organic birch fabric...

the little sister got her own version.

She still needs to work on her shoe accessories.

Also on wearing pants.

The shirring needs a little tweaking on this one.
We'll see how it looks post dryer.

Happy sunny days.

I'm linking at So You Think You're Crafty this week

Friday, June 3, 2011

More Tunic Top

I'm determined to correct
 the many mistakes I make
(just on this shirt, I mean, come on,
 life is complicated!)

Pu has a high need for pockets.

So one was requested.
Actually, next time she recommends two.

See how that hand fits right in?

I have a high need for flowers.

If our record stands this may be the only
sunny day in a while.
So we are relishing the rays.

I mean, yeah, rain makes the flowers grow!




Botanical, or otherwise.
Happy weekend!