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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Red Letter Day

I never used to think much of red.
lately it has infiltrated with reckless abandon.

Here's MY towel/ dress/ change room
 for beside the pool.

I road tested it with an under-cover
pool side strip tease today.

It's a belt/ sash/ wrap/ scarf.
(Why choose?)
Patchwork on one side and all
black and white on the other.

I was thinking about the value of an OBI belt.
But then I just went large and in charge.

This is our beside the pool landing pad.

I just keep adding ric rac and trim to it.
Easy to find. The giant red sheet.

so light it can be carried without a
rented hunchback.

Guess there's no hiding from the red.

The shirt sequel:
Little sister got her shirt back.

Though staying put for a photo
was not in the plans.

Hope your day has all the colours in it.

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