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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rollie Pollie

I can't say enough good things about

I am deeply and profoundly instruction challenged.
And, a pretty new sewer.
So far, each time I've attempted something from her world.

It's a Rollie Pollie,
or in layman's terms,
a bean bag chair.

Times Two.

This one stays at our house,

and this one goes to live in the space room,
at our friend Jackson's house.

So cozy, but not so enviro.
I hunted and can't find any healthy stuffing.
So, millions of tiny Styrofoam balls fill it.
Hope it's not a toxic bomb.

Just right for stories, and already it's been a pirate ship.
The handle allows you to pick it up,
toss it around and nestle just so.

It also fits perfectly between the girls beds for night time stories,
and then gets tossed in the closet.
See ya Rollie Pollie.


  1. These look fabulous, I love the material on the first one. They look very comfy. We've got a couple of beanbags in my daughter's room. I discovered the other night that at nearly 8 months pregnant I can no longer get up from one easily if I've sat on it! x

    P.S. have you seen my giveaway?:

  2. That looks so cool and such a great idea with the handle... love it! Such cute photos of the little ones too :)

  3. They look very comfortable - well done

  4. Hi there, just found a source of eco filler:
    See here: and here:

  5. Oh that's so true! I couldn't find any locally and the shipping was nutso because they are so heavy. Since this was also a 'chair' for kids to drag around, the wheight was a factor for me too. Otherwise totally wonderful! Thanks for the tip!