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Friday, June 3, 2011

More Tunic Top

I'm determined to correct
 the many mistakes I make
(just on this shirt, I mean, come on,
 life is complicated!)

Pu has a high need for pockets.

So one was requested.
Actually, next time she recommends two.

See how that hand fits right in?

I have a high need for flowers.

If our record stands this may be the only
sunny day in a while.
So we are relishing the rays.

I mean, yeah, rain makes the flowers grow!




Botanical, or otherwise.
Happy weekend!


  1. I got a bit behind in viewing my favorite interested in what's flowering in Van. Are those lupins blue, or is it the lighting? I haven't seen any blue lupins here in France (or ever). The weather is much sunnier here in Paris than in Van--want to move? You may not believe me, but in a village in eastern France we saw front gardens even crazier than yours. I may post some photos.

  2. Oh move to France? You had me at oui. Sounds like paradise Janice! Love to see some kooky gardens. The French do almost everything with vive!