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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheekiness has a leg up.

Look at all the deep thinking
going on over here!
Lately we're playing this crazy game
where all my children are rabbits.
They all have special
(and ever evolving complex names)
(thank you 7 year old!)
And what does the game entail you ask?
Come on, you know you wanna know!
These naughty rabbits eat kale.
And lettuce, and chives
and various other sundries
from our garden.
Score one for me!
Suckers- eating their veggies!!!!
(maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)
(Blogged this shirt here 3 years ago-ack!)
In the meantime they are eating their
veggies in new leggings.
I've been making piles of GoTo Leggings.

Striped ones for Yu.

Striped ones with polka dot pockets
for Nu.
Birdie ones for "friend of Horse".
And a short version for Pu.
Then a long pair for Nu.
Birdie bottoms for all I say!!
I made that yellow top awhile ago
and blogged it here.

With more outside time my happiness
has grown exponentially.
There's more time in trees.
(Blogged about the above shirt here)
More picnics and games outside...
even if Nu doesn't play in the traditional posture.

Dollies get put to bed still,
but now it's in the grass.

And the garbage trucks roll through the weeds.
And generally just more happy
hanging around is happening here.

Watering the garden and transplanting
some of our still homeless plants
is a full time job for the "helpers".

And rabbits or not,
the cheekiness abides.
(Much like the Dude.)
Today is a good day.
Hope you're having one too!





Thursday, May 15, 2014

I have a Rainbow Grrrrl

I have a Rainbow GRRRL.
And even though she is often
big and tough and strong and feisty &
 really into dinosaur grrrrowling...
Sometimes she's little and needs her
ballerina rabbit.
So I made her a truly insane shirt
full of rainbows and
ballerina rabbit pockets.
And if you're going to go Gonzo,
then why stop when there are buttons,
and pom pom's
and giant felt flowers
in existence?!?
I know, I know!
There's a time and a place for
good taste,
style & sophistication!

But 2 and 1/2 is not the time
and my brain is not that place!!
I think I channeled cruise ship senior Muumuu.
I totally see her at the baccarat table
in this get up.
And then,
because I can't get enough of this material
I made her a little bit of legging action.

Long live my Rainbow Grrl!
And the Rainbow Grrrl in us all.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PJ Shorts

I love it when someone throws up
a free quick and easy pattern,
just to be gracious and kind.

Pu is a 'highly sensitive child'.
Which often means she experiences
the world without a filter.

Sounds are too loud,
feelings are really big
and clothes are scratchy/ bind-y etc.

She is a "just right" girl.
Tucking her in at night takes
a ten point plan.

Each stuffie tucked just so.
Everything (and there are many things)
Just so.
And so,

With warm weather coming & Pu
insisting on growing,
I was so pleased to stumble upon
this pattern for pj shorts
whip it up and it fit Pu!

And she has happy pj shorts that don't
drive her bonkers!!

I was going to pretty them up with trim
and what not-
and then when she said she liked them?
I just backed away slowly ...


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy hour

I went on a super fun trip to Portland
with a super fun friend.
We stayed at a crazy beautiful boutique
hotel that served free donuts and wine.
That is exactly the kind of happy hour
I'm talking about.

This is the 3rd kid free trip I've been on,
all in the past 6 months and Whoa.
It's so profound.
My girlfriend is an average sized person.
One of the beds in the sweet suite dwarfed her.
And then she gave it to me.
She's swell that way.

While there I got this gorgeous fabric
 that I want to make everything out of.

Having the space to do nothing...
the opportunity to make zero decisions,
and the opportunity to not
filter my thoughts & plans 
through the lens of 5 people:
my brain kickstarted again.
My spirit exhaled a little.

Of course,
I had to return with some good gifties for the shorties.
The biggest one wanted dress up glasses.
She loves them so much.
The cuteness kills me a little.

And of course rainbow girl
can't get enough rainbow.
The Sweetie got sweet threads
bedazzled with animals
(better than it sounds :)
And I nailed it for the middle one.
Then what to do with the awesome?
Rather than twist and turn about the perfect
thing to make out of the perfect material...
 I decided to get that fabric in
circulation immediately
Somewhere in the day to day
so I could feel the pleasure of it.

Tea towels and napkins.
Not sexy, but essential.
Hopefully when they wipe dishes & noses,
they will also remind me of
clear thoughts,
relaxed shoulders
and the spaciousness of
future days.
While simultaneously the gratitude of
all the Little goodness I am so lucky to walk in.