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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy hour

I went on a super fun trip to Portland
with a super fun friend.
We stayed at a crazy beautiful boutique
hotel that served free donuts and wine.
That is exactly the kind of happy hour
I'm talking about.

This is the 3rd kid free trip I've been on,
all in the past 6 months and Whoa.
It's so profound.
My girlfriend is an average sized person.
One of the beds in the sweet suite dwarfed her.
And then she gave it to me.
She's swell that way.

While there I got this gorgeous fabric
 that I want to make everything out of.

Having the space to do nothing...
the opportunity to make zero decisions,
and the opportunity to not
filter my thoughts & plans 
through the lens of 5 people:
my brain kickstarted again.
My spirit exhaled a little.

Of course,
I had to return with some good gifties for the shorties.
The biggest one wanted dress up glasses.
She loves them so much.
The cuteness kills me a little.

And of course rainbow girl
can't get enough rainbow.
The Sweetie got sweet threads
bedazzled with animals
(better than it sounds :)
And I nailed it for the middle one.
Then what to do with the awesome?
Rather than twist and turn about the perfect
thing to make out of the perfect material...
 I decided to get that fabric in
circulation immediately
Somewhere in the day to day
so I could feel the pleasure of it.

Tea towels and napkins.
Not sexy, but essential.
Hopefully when they wipe dishes & noses,
they will also remind me of
clear thoughts,
relaxed shoulders
and the spaciousness of
future days.
While simultaneously the gratitude of
all the Little goodness I am so lucky to walk in.

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