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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PJ Shorts

I love it when someone throws up
a free quick and easy pattern,
just to be gracious and kind.

Pu is a 'highly sensitive child'.
Which often means she experiences
the world without a filter.

Sounds are too loud,
feelings are really big
and clothes are scratchy/ bind-y etc.

She is a "just right" girl.
Tucking her in at night takes
a ten point plan.

Each stuffie tucked just so.
Everything (and there are many things)
Just so.
And so,

With warm weather coming & Pu
insisting on growing,
I was so pleased to stumble upon
this pattern for pj shorts
whip it up and it fit Pu!

And she has happy pj shorts that don't
drive her bonkers!!

I was going to pretty them up with trim
and what not-
and then when she said she liked them?
I just backed away slowly ...


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