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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheekiness has a leg up.

Look at all the deep thinking
going on over here!
Lately we're playing this crazy game
where all my children are rabbits.
They all have special
(and ever evolving complex names)
(thank you 7 year old!)
And what does the game entail you ask?
Come on, you know you wanna know!
These naughty rabbits eat kale.
And lettuce, and chives
and various other sundries
from our garden.
Score one for me!
Suckers- eating their veggies!!!!
(maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)
(Blogged this shirt here 3 years ago-ack!)
In the meantime they are eating their
veggies in new leggings.
I've been making piles of GoTo Leggings.

Striped ones for Yu.

Striped ones with polka dot pockets
for Nu.
Birdie ones for "friend of Horse".
And a short version for Pu.
Then a long pair for Nu.
Birdie bottoms for all I say!!
I made that yellow top awhile ago
and blogged it here.

With more outside time my happiness
has grown exponentially.
There's more time in trees.
(Blogged about the above shirt here)
More picnics and games outside...
even if Nu doesn't play in the traditional posture.

Dollies get put to bed still,
but now it's in the grass.

And the garbage trucks roll through the weeds.
And generally just more happy
hanging around is happening here.

Watering the garden and transplanting
some of our still homeless plants
is a full time job for the "helpers".

And rabbits or not,
the cheekiness abides.
(Much like the Dude.)
Today is a good day.
Hope you're having one too!





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