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Monday, January 31, 2011

Back At It

Apologies for the unplanned blogging hiatus
faire reader.

You could easily imagine that the creepy doll
from the last post had done away with me.

Not as unlikely as you might think
(she's watching me right now!!!)

But, no.
I did something unwise
(usually I do more than one unwise thing, but this one was significant)

I was Frankenstitching and then suddenly I was
my own hand.

Yes yes, I sewed my finger.
Blood, broken needle and ripping the thread out quickly
so the 4 year old wouldn't completely go mental.

A sorted tale of heroism and tomfoolery.

Since then,
in sewing rehab,
I've made lowly pillow cases.

More later.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wee Additions

Nu is quite obsessed with little figures.

Pu wasn't so we don't have that many,
and rather than buy more plastic I thought I'd give a whirl
at homemade

Look at the super crazy hag in purple.
Rage-o-holic extraordinaire!

In another version they would have small buttons for hair
and their frocks would be trimmed.

However, Nu still contemplates popping things in her mouth

So these wooden, all one piece, non toxic painted wee ones
with the crazy-assed expressions will have to serve.

Now we know what some of her first notes
 to her future therapist will involve.

Maybe next I should work on some clowns and mimes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old as the Hills Rant

I think it is highly likely that a Darwinian imperative was built into the whole heterosexual mating thing
(well duh...)
But the one I refer to specifically is the
body warmth issue.

I've done some of my own highly sophisticated research.
Based on my randomized clinical trials
(the ones in my active imagination)
men seem to run one or two snitches warmer than women.

Women are generally softer,
understand the religion of chocolate and inexplicably small handbags AND well, have a number of excellent qualities.

Without the body heat issue
why else would women want to get in bed with men
 even if they watch sports all night long
 and begin to master the Little-John comb over on their receding mullet?

Profundity at its best here faire reader.

In general,
I'm pretty thrilled with the sweetie I've got.
But in this one regard
(OK, maybe there is another)
he is sadly lacking.
He gets into bed after me these days,
and therefore hoards all his body heat,
thereby denying me my rightful bed heating system.

The injustice is stupefying.

While I am I modern woman and I guess I could always switch teams,
as I've said before I do appreciate the mate I've got
the she's still wouldn't address the cold toes issues.

And so,
(I can't believe you're still with me here)

This is a crafty blog after all.

For those of you who wish this was a flask cover,
I say hear hear!

For those of you hanging your head in quiet pity or ccommiseration
you know it's a water bottle cover.

Pretty sure I just heard my great great grandmothers osteoporosis
taking residence in my curmudgeonly soul

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Creative Space

I'm stuck.
I'm trying to paint with thread and fabric
in this new project.

And it's such a different slooooower process than with paint.

I'm usually a slap dasher &
good things come from the chaos.
But here, I'm bouncing into walls of composition & colour
&, well, everything.

I will muddle through

What's happening in your creative space this week?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring will spring

I know winter is just getting its legs,
and it's a little disrespectful to call in Spring
before winter has done her thing.

But I'm doing it anyway.

See the production coordinator/
project manager in the window?

Little felt flowers,
meant to sit in our tree as place holders
Until the real blossoms wake up.

Little textual reminders of some of the goodness out there.

Or at least the possibility for it.

This one is going on another spot, a little more public.
Gotta spread the love.
And, the hope.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm still stitching away on these wee cuffs.

I had a cuff crush when I first had the tinies.

Soft, non-permanently scarring jewelry seemed like a good idea.

I hunted, and they were hard to find.

Then suddenly they were everywhere

Now I'm all liberated because I can make my own
crafty fantasy.

They all have 'hidden' messages inside.

I'm calling in more delight this week.

I've never been one of those people who believe that you can't
tell your secrets or they won't come true.

Hang it from the rooftops baby!

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Peek-A-Boo Bags

I finished off a few more Peek-A-Boo Bags

And they make me smile.
They also made Pu smile,
but this photo is not indicative.

How someone can look so serious with a shark
painted on her face,
I just can't say...

One of the other things that made me smile today was this

Free trade roses.

They are just about to drop their blooms

into my sink of dirty dishes.

Fitting really.
I'd rather wash rose petals than pots and pans.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Thanks to Toni for her awesome tutorial.

I love these little non naughty peep holes

Nu and Pu can grab one and sort their little possessions.
This one, clearly was destined for autos of all sorts.

Next up animals of the wee variety need a home to call their own.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm not sure what will become of these...

I'm quite taken with this free motion stitching.
Combined with a little hand embroidery
and material mash up.

I'm not sure what will happen to these patches, but I'm making them all the same.

On a purse? On a bag? On a pocket?
Book cover?

I made a collar/ choker version tonight.
Only it actually chokes.

Here are some poorly shot details.

It's inexplicably reversible
 with slightly different images on either side.

I'll try for some better shots in the light of day.

Don't poo in your nightie.

It's just good practice.

You heard it here first folks.

Light of day snaps:


Today I'm linking to So You Think You're Crafty

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Story Telling Girdle

Here's my latest version at play.

While the last one I had a hard time parting with...

This one was happily tree bound.

There is just something about the wool as canvas that
grips the tree and holds it perfectly in place.

A second skin,
a cozy sweater.

This piece feels like it has always lived on the bark.

Since our house is both to-and-fro
from all sorts of schools & classes,

I added a little textual story telling element

Today Pu and I started a story and told it on the way to kickball.

(Can you imagine a better course description than 'kickball'?!?)

Our "Once upon a time there was an incredible tale..."

...involved penguins and playing live violin in the car.

Maybe someone else will be beckoned to tell
 an incredible tale en route.

It was a pretty funny act crocheting this knit piece onto the tree.

Snowflakes beginning to fall,
fingers cramping.
My tiny flashlight beaming as inquisitive cars slowed down in the night.

It's always a fun experience to be 'caught' in the act of assembling these pieces.
Most people REALLY don't know what to say.

Um, I think that chick is sewing a tree...
no that can't be right...

I always go with friendly and greet them from the bushes.

It's odd,
for sure.
But, I appreciate the odd and think it adds a little
skip to the step.

 Here are some quick bastard cousins to replace some I snipped down.

Not sure Gossie belongs in the tree,

but she's a shout out to the part of my 
target demographic that is age 3.