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Sunday, March 30, 2014 for eXtra


We were away for 10 days in Hawaii.
It was lovely and amazing.

We don't travel much,
so I was soooo happy to be off and away.

It was also,
as always 3 little kid madness.
But no one threw anyone or
anything out the window.

I made and blogged about this dress here.
We brought home stomach flu.
So I was yacking into ziplocks on the flight home.
(That text may not fit with the image above, too much info?!)
While I was there this
tunic was my uniform.

It was the perfect bathing suit cover up.

back to Sewing Through All 26
letters of the alphabet with

I made another Sew Liberated School House Tunic.
I used Nana Iro double gauze and

So comfy!!

I added an extra pleat and may lengthen it
so my business is more secure.
I should have added pockets...
maybe later.

I'll be chasing 3 littles around pools this summer
so an extra uniform is key.
photo by Tyson
It was great to be gone,
and now it's great to be back.

Friday, March 21, 2014

C is for...crochetted cuffs.

I am playing along with Katy from as she
Sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet

This week's stitches are inspired by the letter "C".


I didn't really get these before I tried them.
They looked pretty, but practically...
where's the sock?

The idea is you tuck them over your pants
and under your boots,
and then you don't deal with the bulk
of giant socks.

The idea is to wear them with stylish boots.
NOT your going-to-pick-up-dog-poo
But I am a creature on stolen moments.

I so love that blue flower button,
gifted by a sweet friend.
But dagnabbit I can't find the second.

Cuter boots, but bad light.

Sadly, I stretched them out
immediately and now they
would make a better belly dancing chain
than boot cuff.

Next time, smaller is key.

Sunday, March 16, 2014 for Blue Beanie

Hi there!

I'm catching up on some negligent letters
as I sew along with Katy from
 She's stitching through 26 letters of the alphabet.
it appears I am too.

This is another Sloan Hat from Delia

I used the most beautiful wool ever,
only there wasn't quite enough.

Novice move.
When I went back to get more.

And so it became a Little hat,
for the big heart.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 for Violet

I'm catching up with Katy from
as she Sews Through All 26 letters of the alphabet.

Today's post is about one of my favorite colours.

Sweet Violet.

Of all the colours I love,
(and I love many)
 only one
made it into my girls names.

It makes me happy.

This little monster is deep in her 2ness.

 a little double gauze top came her way.

The above treasured doll
was aptly christened by Yu as "NoNo".

For all the 2 year old reasons you'd expect.

Nu has had a YaYa for years now.

And, for a while it was perfect.

Recently Pu wanted in on the name game
and rechristened one of her dolls
"Maybe. "
Also perfect for conflicted & shifting inner ennui.

A little Nani Iro Japanese Import Fabric.

In the most eggplant of violet of colours.

It's the perfect choice for
pretend fishing in the front yard.

It also works when you need to gaze innocently
at your parents
and then steal your sisters toys.

 She keeps getting away with it
due to a mostly good natured big sister pack.

Eventually that bubble will

But not today.

Today is for good naturedly
drowning mom's car keys.

Thursday, March 6, 2014 for Underworld

I'm catching up with Katy from
as she Sews Through All 26 letters of the alphabet.

This post is for "U", and You and Nu.

Here's the resident mastermind:
Have you ever seen such a dangerous criminal?

Dressed in black and white prison garb,
after ever so sweetly requesting
a turtleneck just like her sisters so
they could share them.

A diet of gruel and water,

she's bad to the bone.

if released from snack she
might continue kissing dogs.

and spreading her own nefarious version of

Poor little Lego figure,
didn't know what hit him with all the smooches.

Some of those won't wash off after all. 

(and our good friend Siobhan) says...
"To evil!"

If only it always came with pigtails.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 for Turtleneck

 More alphabet sewing inspired by
This post is dedicated to "T".
Pu is definitely one of those highly sensitive
little doodles.
I've mentioned it before here.
It's tricky for her to feel comfortable in clothes. 
Sometimes it's equally difficult
for her to feel comfortable in her own skin.
She thusly spends a LOT of time
trying things on, and off, and on.
It makes her Dad nuts.
Just wait until all 3 are doing it!
So to hit upon a Pu success
is a verrry unusual and wonderful thing
here in land stitch-a-lot.

Lately she's become obsessed with turtlenecks.

She wants to sleep in them and wear them to school.
And I can't believe,
this one made the cut.
Highest praise?
"Mom, can I sleep in it and wear it to school
and then sleep in it and then wear it to school?
and then sleep in it and then wear it to school?
 and then sleep in it and then wear it to school?"
No, ick
and YES!

Monday, March 3, 2014

S is for... Scarf

Today is an S day.
Well, that's not entirely true,
I am playing along with Katy from as she
sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet &:
This week's overdue stitches are inspired by the letter "S".
If you are a purest, I have forsaken you.
Arguably crochet and knit
don't fall into the sewing category
so perhaps I'm cheating.
It isn't the first time,
it won't be the last.
I'm adopting the rules of Fight Club
The first rule : There are no rules.
Ok, maybe that's NOT an actual
rule of fight club, but if I were to start a
craft version of Fight Club,
that would be my t-shirt.

Ninja's would totally be welcome in
my craftastic fight club.

Well why not?
Just like every other group
there are probably some real
Ninja jerks,
but also some excellent Ninja future friends.
Just waiting for a hug.
It's possible this post is more relevant
to Ninja's or people contemplating a
future career in Ninja skills training
than Stitchers.
That being said,
just in case you're not here for that,
I used Delia's pattern for my purple friend above
and it was painless, easy and quick...
Just like a Ninja assassination.
(full circle).