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Tuesday, March 11, 2014 for Violet

I'm catching up with Katy from
as she Sews Through All 26 letters of the alphabet.

Today's post is about one of my favorite colours.

Sweet Violet.

Of all the colours I love,
(and I love many)
 only one
made it into my girls names.

It makes me happy.

This little monster is deep in her 2ness.

 a little double gauze top came her way.

The above treasured doll
was aptly christened by Yu as "NoNo".

For all the 2 year old reasons you'd expect.

Nu has had a YaYa for years now.

And, for a while it was perfect.

Recently Pu wanted in on the name game
and rechristened one of her dolls
"Maybe. "
Also perfect for conflicted & shifting inner ennui.

A little Nani Iro Japanese Import Fabric.

In the most eggplant of violet of colours.

It's the perfect choice for
pretend fishing in the front yard.

It also works when you need to gaze innocently
at your parents
and then steal your sisters toys.

 She keeps getting away with it
due to a mostly good natured big sister pack.

Eventually that bubble will

But not today.

Today is for good naturedly
drowning mom's car keys.

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