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Monday, March 3, 2014

S is for... Scarf

Today is an S day.
Well, that's not entirely true,
I am playing along with Katy from as she
sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet &:
This week's overdue stitches are inspired by the letter "S".
If you are a purest, I have forsaken you.
Arguably crochet and knit
don't fall into the sewing category
so perhaps I'm cheating.
It isn't the first time,
it won't be the last.
I'm adopting the rules of Fight Club
The first rule : There are no rules.
Ok, maybe that's NOT an actual
rule of fight club, but if I were to start a
craft version of Fight Club,
that would be my t-shirt.

Ninja's would totally be welcome in
my craftastic fight club.

Well why not?
Just like every other group
there are probably some real
Ninja jerks,
but also some excellent Ninja future friends.
Just waiting for a hug.
It's possible this post is more relevant
to Ninja's or people contemplating a
future career in Ninja skills training
than Stitchers.
That being said,
just in case you're not here for that,
I used Delia's pattern for my purple friend above
and it was painless, easy and quick...
Just like a Ninja assassination.
(full circle).

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