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Friday, March 21, 2014

C is for...crochetted cuffs.

I am playing along with Katy from as she
Sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet

This week's stitches are inspired by the letter "C".


I didn't really get these before I tried them.
They looked pretty, but practically...
where's the sock?

The idea is you tuck them over your pants
and under your boots,
and then you don't deal with the bulk
of giant socks.

The idea is to wear them with stylish boots.
NOT your going-to-pick-up-dog-poo
But I am a creature on stolen moments.

I so love that blue flower button,
gifted by a sweet friend.
But dagnabbit I can't find the second.

Cuter boots, but bad light.

Sadly, I stretched them out
immediately and now they
would make a better belly dancing chain
than boot cuff.

Next time, smaller is key.

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