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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Free Library

I am soooooo happy!!!!
Finally our Little Free Library is launched.
And by launched I mean in the ground.
Thanks to Annette who brought the bare
bones over the boarder!
And to handy Mike who built the base!

I put it up yesterday and already the children's
books are out in the 'hood.

I guess I know our market.
I think we'll do a little ribbon cutting,
with the neighbourhood preschool.

If you don't know about Little Free Library's
go check them out!

Such a great way to meet your neighbours,
support literacy and reuse those books!

I'm doing a scaled down version of my


22 out of 26 letters of the alphabet!
Thanks Katy for such awesome inspiration,
you take artistry to the next level.
That was fun.
Now I'm going to go lie down :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 for

Hey You,
it's us.
And we're finally at the end of the alphabet!
If you've been following along,
you'll know I've been sewing through
all 26 letters of the alphabet with
Today is dedicated to the big finale.
The letter Z!!
This little girl has long loved Z
with abandon.
I've thus had this Echino fabric cut out
for months,
waiting patiently for the end.
I stitched up a Parsley Pant
I love the blue and the zebra's,
but the material goes a little
acid eaters for my taste.

If you lift up Nu's shirt it's a drunken circus.
But, she's game because of the Zebra's,
her favorite animal.
And, if she's game
then me too!!
There's also a bonus purple
zig zag's at the cuff.
And now, phew.
I loved this series, but I'm happy
there are only 26 letters in my alphabet.
Z is for zip it!
All done :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014 for Yellow!!!

I'm almost finished with this madcap sew-a-long
Today is Y.
Not the big existential Y questions.
but just the cheery little ones.
I'm joining Katy as she stitches
through all 26 of the letters of the alphabet.
Today is all about yelling.
Yelling, for Yellow.
It's here. It's really here.
And we made it.
Each year as the endless winter
fights for one more day of grey,
I hang on for the yellow.
This year we took a trip so I
was slightly less manic with the sunshine crave.
But when it came out...
Every fiber in my body exhaled.
And the happy dance was on a molecular level.
Pu, the biggest of the Little's
asked for a yellow dress.
Then it morphed into a yellow turtleneck.
Then it changed and changed and...
then she didn't want it anymore.
 Le sigh.
(Even though she looks innocent, I think she's probably thinking about perpetrating a wedgie.)
But we had bought this very bright,
super soft bamboo on a big girl date.

So I sewed it up,
and some sister somewhere will rock
the YELLow.
'Cause we made it to spring,
and it ought to be celebrated!
 Did you make it too?