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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Not Dead Yet

Though come to think of it,
at least then I'd get a nap...

Does it feel like a long stretch of this since last we met?

Well rest assured
things are still happening here

It's summer after all.

There's been garden harvesting

Big girl road trips with friends

that involve Harry Potter on audio book
and barf bags for curvy roads
(Me. I had the barf bag)

Adventures that culminated in surfing=
totally worth it!

Also campfires AND

the point of campfires?

There's also been some blooming...

with graduations from kindergarten 

and the literal kind.

Also mucho swimming.

And don't forget soccer,

endless park time,

There was that time Canada had a birthday.

But mostly...

No actual making.
Just being.
Longing for the making,
but trusting it will come...

Later gater.