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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Congrats Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is...
Congrats Karen!

She said
"A D O R E!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to win something so wonderful!!"

Send me your deeets &
I'll mail your new necklace this week.

Thanks again for playing along everyone.
This was so fun, I'll do it again soon.

Naughty pillow

In building the hideout, the pillow stash
has been getting a little excessive.

Nonetheless when Nu & I were reading
and snuggling,
she started disappering.

There is a wee space between the bed and the wall.
Like all short people Nu was obsessed.

I decided I've become quite attached to these
particular short people,
I'd be sad if one slipped into pillow quicksand
never to be seen again.

And so...

The baby blocker.

The fun thing
(for me, I don't get out much)
Is that it is filled with two giant rolled up towels.

These are wicked, huge amazing wedding towels.

That we never use.

They are so heavy that they enslave the wearer.
They are the 'good' towels & someday,
inexplicably, when my muscle mass increases,
we will throw them into rotation.

Until then, they take up half our house,
and mock us for their inaction.

Until now!

Now they are functional & plug
the potential baby vortex.

(someone should have lined up those stripes)

Since this is apparently the tangential post...
I have found myself in strange,
sometimes compromising positions since I have begun stitchery.

I have found myself partly clad in a bathtub
straddling a giant pre-stuffed bean bag chair,
with millions of tiny Styrofoam beans forming a
static imaginary mustache in all sorts of odd places.

I have found myself calmly removing my own multicoloured
stitches from my wounded paw after a sewing machine fight.

The baby blocker was no exception.

And there I was...
towels rolled and at the ready.
Giant pillowcase sewn and keen to take form.

So I began to stuff the giant towel pillowcase.

I grabbed it with zest and tugged the cover over the towels.
Naturally it was placed between my thighs
for best purchase.
As I struggled with, and grunted a little,
as I forced
what can only now be described as the towel condom
onto my towel roll-

 I was suddenly transported back to the '80's
where the informative Canadian sex educator
"Sex With Sue" Johanson
demonstrated to our grade nine class
putting a condom on a banana.

If only the sewing room could talk.
Who knew it could be so naughty?

New Thingy- badge, pin?

This is a first try.

I think it has potential.

I'll add something to stiffen it up
& commit to some larger fabric edges.


The little people tunic attempts

 Here's a little tunic top I tried for Nu.

I have an issue (well I have a few)
but this is a sewing related issue...
I don't believe sizes.
Oh, and apparently I can't follow instructions.
Or decode patterns.

But I'm keen.
I decided to make my 1.5 year old a size 3.

Not surprisingly, it's way too big.
I expect she'll grow.

I also made one for Pu.
The pleats disappear in the pattern.
Good to know.

I ran out of fabric, so the back is black flowers.

I don't know how to pleat & the pattern calls for it.
I've made this twice, and I'm no wiser.
I fudged it & gathered & if you look closely
it's shoddy.
But it's more cute, so that over rules shoddy!


I'm so excited to have finally made the purchase.
My own labels.
I got them on etsy and had THE best customer service.

Giveaway is now closed

Thanks so much for joining in !
(if you did)
We will pick a winner later tonight and contact
the triumphant one asap.

Thanks for all your sweet comments and welcome to the new followers!
I hope to visit many of you in cyberspace when life allows

Feel free to unfollow if you were just in it for a prize,
no worries, all fair in love and contests :)

That was a flurry of action on this quiet little blog.

Back soon with more wee projects.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew

Here's my offering:
It's a birdie themed choker necklace.

 Measuring 2.5" x 15.5

The giveaway closes May 25th

It is made from organic oatmeal linen.

It's hand stamped, machine & hand embroidered.

With lace, applique and button embellishments.

To win this little accoutrement
please leave a comment saying why
you would like this little fella to come live with you.
Be sure to include your email so I can contact you when you win!

Feel free to include your address as
if you are worried about
putting your email out in cyberspace.

I will select randomly from a hat.
Or more likely, a 2 year old will.
For two chances, become a follower!

I'll ship internationally so welcome everyone!
And, thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giveaway Day is Coming...

As part of the SewMamaSew blog,
I'll be participating in Giveaway Day on Monday May 23rd.

Come back for your chance to win a...
well something handmade!

You can check out the master list of giveaways f
rom all the participating bloggers here

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hideout

With the shorties moving in together,
Pu's "yes you can jump on it" queen size mattress
needed a new home.

We have a weird nook
 in what has become the playroom.
And I have decided it shall become a clubhouse/ hideaway.

Super cute IKEA curtains give it some privacy.


Earl the chicken has a new home in which to roost.
And a cozy quilt for snuggling.

Masses of pillows for nesting while ingesting
good books.


And I made this book rack with this tutorial
to keep the favorite books handy in the hideout.

A little fabric banner for added cheer.

In unrelated matters:
I'm not a matchy matchy mom.
I have yet to make hers and hers and hers outfits for myself
& my shorties.

Here's hoping I am not overcome.

However, I did make a shirt
(out of a thrifted bed sheet)
for Pu - who wouldn't wear it.

Then I made one for Nu.
Now they both will wear them, & suddenly
on the same day there they were.

Looking out the window, all matchy.

Back Packin' Baby Style

Nu has started her first without mom class.

So cute.
So little.
She loves it.

There are lots of baby backpacks available for purchase.
And, we have a few we bought for Pu,
before I went craftastic.

But Pu would never carry anything,
besides an armful of stuffed animals.

And, Nu?
Well, she falls over ALL the time.
A backpack counter lever would be the end of her.

So of course I find myself carrying a toddler,
an arm full of stuffed animals
(it's genetic)
and a tiny back pack that doesn't hold her gear,
with seventeen other 'childsize' bags full of toddler gear.

And I think to myself.
Thank Gawd I don't wear high heels.

And so:

A human sized backpack that I carry for Nu.
That eventually she can hustle.

Until then butterfly face can demo,
it IS nap time after all.

Sheeet monkey

Pu & Nu are slowly working towards sharing a room.

So, this weekend we put beds together.

And, Pu was DE-lighted with her new
butterfly sheets.

The lighting in these snaps is sorrowful.

But the expression on the live monkey
revelling in polka dots and butterflies?

Pretty good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Ruffle Butt

More sweet diaper covers.
This time with easy peasy ruffle fabric.

The only thing cuter than baby butt,
is ruffle butt.

Also high on the list?
Teddy bear in the mosh pit plus ruffle butt.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bonnet Request Fulfilled

Pu's bonnet is reversible.

Double piped- which didn't work.

She was very specific about her request,
and though the purple and red side has better piping,
it will never see the light of day.

The concept of 'reversible' is lost her.
"No mommy purple is on the inside!"

They have gone slightly Amish here,
(Those Amish know their stitchery)

I better accessorize with something punk rock.
Just to keep people guessing.