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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hideout

With the shorties moving in together,
Pu's "yes you can jump on it" queen size mattress
needed a new home.

We have a weird nook
 in what has become the playroom.
And I have decided it shall become a clubhouse/ hideaway.

Super cute IKEA curtains give it some privacy.


Earl the chicken has a new home in which to roost.
And a cozy quilt for snuggling.

Masses of pillows for nesting while ingesting
good books.


And I made this book rack with this tutorial
to keep the favorite books handy in the hideout.

A little fabric banner for added cheer.

In unrelated matters:
I'm not a matchy matchy mom.
I have yet to make hers and hers and hers outfits for myself
& my shorties.

Here's hoping I am not overcome.

However, I did make a shirt
(out of a thrifted bed sheet)
for Pu - who wouldn't wear it.

Then I made one for Nu.
Now they both will wear them, & suddenly
on the same day there they were.

Looking out the window, all matchy.

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