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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back Packin' Baby Style

Nu has started her first without mom class.

So cute.
So little.
She loves it.

There are lots of baby backpacks available for purchase.
And, we have a few we bought for Pu,
before I went craftastic.

But Pu would never carry anything,
besides an armful of stuffed animals.

And, Nu?
Well, she falls over ALL the time.
A backpack counter lever would be the end of her.

So of course I find myself carrying a toddler,
an arm full of stuffed animals
(it's genetic)
and a tiny back pack that doesn't hold her gear,
with seventeen other 'childsize' bags full of toddler gear.

And I think to myself.
Thank Gawd I don't wear high heels.

And so:

A human sized backpack that I carry for Nu.
That eventually she can hustle.

Until then butterfly face can demo,
it IS nap time after all.

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