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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The little people tunic attempts

 Here's a little tunic top I tried for Nu.

I have an issue (well I have a few)
but this is a sewing related issue...
I don't believe sizes.
Oh, and apparently I can't follow instructions.
Or decode patterns.

But I'm keen.
I decided to make my 1.5 year old a size 3.

Not surprisingly, it's way too big.
I expect she'll grow.

I also made one for Pu.
The pleats disappear in the pattern.
Good to know.

I ran out of fabric, so the back is black flowers.

I don't know how to pleat & the pattern calls for it.
I've made this twice, and I'm no wiser.
I fudged it & gathered & if you look closely
it's shoddy.
But it's more cute, so that over rules shoddy!


I'm so excited to have finally made the purchase.
My own labels.
I got them on etsy and had THE best customer service.

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