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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A twirly swirly day, with a side of bat cape

Today was a swirly twirly day.

Full of upside down

and zoom.

 apologies for besmirching the fine reputation of Unicorns everywhere
(really, some of my friends are...)

I suspect this cheeky clown,
 surely to blame for things
gone a-muck.

...definitely plotting nefarious crimes

like absconding with weird sewing experiments

This is the 'bat cape' on an ill committed 
and height challenged subject


one sec?



And we're done with show & tell!

A little tutu action and a lot of face paint.

fast feet,

and it's amazing what can happen on a twirly

swirly day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A bit of tell with no show

Although we (like many of you)
have been besieged by ick in the form of achoo and cough,
there has still been a little stitch.

by hands less blue than these.
Be that as it may,
I have no evidence to support these flagrant claims.

(Here is a photo non sequitur)

My first invisible project is a fleece...shrug, sweater- ish thing
that my sweetie refers to as my 'bat costume'

Not surprisingly, it's black.

I tell you this because it has been sucked into a vortex in my house.

(It's OK to hold hands during this part of the story if you're scared.)

Somewhere in a dark corner,
perhaps in a black hole
lies my bat costume.

Unless...evil Unicorns absconded with it.

These are strange times.

Good, good. I can see I have your attention.
It's not like I live in an elaborate labyrinth,
or a mansion with thousands of rooms and countless corners.
Really, I can count my corners quickly.

 some of my favorite people are probably sitting in them
and would surely notice a fleece bat costume.

Yet....nowhere to be found.
So NO relevant photos for you
(not yet).

Rest easy,
 if I see any Unicorns I will whack them with a stick
until they surrender said bat shrug.
Or just for good measure, because they shouldn't be in the house,
or on the couches.

Harsh you say?
The second thing I will not show you today.
Is a linen ....
Draft shaft? Silencer?
Weird thing to stick under the gap in the door?

Truly a picture....a thousand words.

However, due to my lack of fanciness, time and my dinosaur of a computer,
I don't do any photo editing here fair reader.
Therefore I am slave to good natural lighting
Of which we have had, less than none.

No relevant photo for you!!

Only strange ones, for no reason:

After all, a tell without a show,
is only half mast.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Scrappy Pouch

I am learning that part of this craftiness culture
is a devotion to 'scrap management'.

What to do with the bits and bobs that inevitably fly in the construction of something crafty?

One of the many variation on this theme is the 
 Noodlehead scrappy pouch 

This is my favorite version

it doesn't involve many scraps
mostly new fabric that I snipped with rapture.

Then I made some more.

They are lined with some old quilting squares
So a vague success.

I am always astounded by my ability to mess these things up.

Really, I'm quite gifted at stumbling.

I had to unpick each one for different reasons
they are lined,
they have batting,
there is flipping
and folding
and zippers
and boxed corners
 there is even turning things inside out.

On a good day I can turn my underwear right side out
 before I've had a coffee.

It's only a matter of time before I sew my hand to my face.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Look Familiar...

There's a new man in my life.

He was conceived by bird and little bird

When I asked my smart friend what she thought he was

you know,
besides a well accessorized
snappy dresser
a romantic

who carries flowers in his satchel

She said
& ant eater.

She's very open minded.


it's a wild world out there


And this fellow seems too earnest to sustain a postmodern deconstruction.

So we both agreed that this fellow needs a tail
 to confirm his


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Sewing Gear, Shall I Pin you Sweetie?

When I started this weird world of Craft-gasm
I noticed that people were unstable over pincushions.
Koo Koo.
They made them, traded them and then made more.
They had their big Daddies and their tiny lovers

my time has come

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is weighted so it sits nicely on the sewing table

And, he' wait I can't even type Big D...
I rechristen you Large Marge

This is Large Marge's B-side

Marge rolls with this little organizer named Ethel
(excuse me while I anthropomorphize...)

Ethel is a Virgo so keeps everything where it ought to be

Right below Marge
 courtesy of sewmamasew


Still exclusively dating this material,

And now here's my tiny lover.

Thank you Zakka !

Like the corsage I never wanted,
and for the girl on the go...

Now that I've gone to that place where I actually pin myself

I better do something crush worthy.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love these little felt balls, 
morphed in this version into eggs.

They are so tactile, and I do have a pension for wee.

I think I shall fashion a leaf to keep them company.

And then what?

Perhaps I will invert the whole thing and string it into a mobile...

'cause life is too cluttered for a nest of eggs

even if they are a perfect blue.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My creative space

I've finally found some tops for my felt balls.

The oak trees have been surprisingly withholding.

I wasn't making finding acorn tops my life's work,
but I did think I would come upon them more readily.

Perhaps the tweedlebugs (of Sesame St. lore) have just been accessorizing
with acorn top hats of late?

I'm ruminating on branding this week.

New business cards
(tee 'business' hee)

I'm stamping and trying to track down inks and dyes that work on fibers

For tags and what-nots

I'm also trying to improve my photography
in the five seconds between toddler bellows.

Still quick, but perhaps less dirty.

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