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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A bit of tell with no show

Although we (like many of you)
have been besieged by ick in the form of achoo and cough,
there has still been a little stitch.

by hands less blue than these.
Be that as it may,
I have no evidence to support these flagrant claims.

(Here is a photo non sequitur)

My first invisible project is a fleece...shrug, sweater- ish thing
that my sweetie refers to as my 'bat costume'

Not surprisingly, it's black.

I tell you this because it has been sucked into a vortex in my house.

(It's OK to hold hands during this part of the story if you're scared.)

Somewhere in a dark corner,
perhaps in a black hole
lies my bat costume.

Unless...evil Unicorns absconded with it.

These are strange times.

Good, good. I can see I have your attention.
It's not like I live in an elaborate labyrinth,
or a mansion with thousands of rooms and countless corners.
Really, I can count my corners quickly.

 some of my favorite people are probably sitting in them
and would surely notice a fleece bat costume.

Yet....nowhere to be found.
So NO relevant photos for you
(not yet).

Rest easy,
 if I see any Unicorns I will whack them with a stick
until they surrender said bat shrug.
Or just for good measure, because they shouldn't be in the house,
or on the couches.

Harsh you say?
The second thing I will not show you today.
Is a linen ....
Draft shaft? Silencer?
Weird thing to stick under the gap in the door?

Truly a picture....a thousand words.

However, due to my lack of fanciness, time and my dinosaur of a computer,
I don't do any photo editing here fair reader.
Therefore I am slave to good natural lighting
Of which we have had, less than none.

No relevant photo for you!!

Only strange ones, for no reason:

After all, a tell without a show,
is only half mast.

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